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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Homosexual Public School Teacher and Partner Molested Young Students

Homosexual teacher Aric Babbitt (right) and his "husband,"
Matthew Deyo, molested eight underage boys before killing
 themselves after the "vacation of a lifetime." 
Did you see any national headlines about this pair? Did it spark any on-going investigation by the Boston Globe or any other major newspaper about the problem of public school teacher/molesters? Where are the day after day, blow by blow description of the stories of teachers like Aric Babbitt with detailed descriptions of their victims? Where is the "Teacher Accountability" website describing the cover-ups by administrators, school boards, and teacher unions? Where's the SNAT website, Survivors Network of those Abused by Teachers?

Funny, isn't it? The only predators most of the mainstream media appear interested in are the ones in roman collars. And the only ones the ambulance chasing lawyers are interested in are those attached to institutions they can sue for millions of dollars. 

As for homosexuals, like abortionists they are a protected breed. And even in the Church we hear  that homosexuals are not the problem. (The VIRTUS program is notorious for this!) I actually had a diocesan head of the safe environment office once tell me that children are safer with homosexuals than with heterosexuals. I prayed for the safety of her young infant!

But that kind of idiocy comes from the failure to interpret statistics correctly. There are more cases of heterosexual child abuse, but there are a lot more heterosexuals, although you'd hardly know it from the amount of ink that gets splashed around these days trying to normalize sexual deviance. 

Homosexuals commit 40% of the child abuse, but represent only about 3% of the population. So they are a clear and present danger to the young. Keep tabs on the homosexual predators who groom and seduce young children. They're out there and they are working to make the seduction legal. In fact, legalization of ephebophilia and pedophilia are the next barriers to be targeted. It's been discussed in the past few years, but people aren't ready. Just give it time. Liberals worked for abortion for several decades before they achieved Roe v. Wade. The same with same-sex "marriage." Does anyone really think for a minute we've hit bottom? 

Sex trafficking of young boys is given little attention, but it's a major problem. And who do you think wants sex with boys? It sure ain't heterosexual men. They are trolling for Lolitas! 

One of the most important ways to fight these sexual evils is to grow in personal virtue, teach your kids to be virtuous, fight evils like pornography, use your sexual gifts in God's way (practicing modesty and chastity and avoiding contraception and abortion) and, most importantly, to pray and fast. 

Check out the video below. It's certainly odd when a former KGB agent responsible for killing so many accuses the West (legitimately) of promoting sexual deviance. Of course, I'm presuming the translation is accurate. I don't speak Russian. Perhaps a reader who does can confirm that this is actually what Putin said.


  1. Talk about a paradigm shift! I am old enough to remember when American--and other Western--politicians would denounce the Soviets' Godless Communism. Now, the Russian president is the one denouncing the Godless civilizational deracination of America and other Western countries. Maybe Russia will start sending us Christian missionaries before too long. (It has already made a start of sorts: Just recently, a new Russian Orthodox church, Holy Trinity Cathedral, which cost $106 million to build--not surprisingly, as it is situated on the edge of the Champ de Mars, near the Eiffel Tower, on some of the world's most expensive real estate--was financed by the Russian government.)

  2. A Russian speaking reader of this post has confirmed the accuracy of the translation of Putin's words.