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Friday, December 16, 2016

Watch Out for More Pederasty in the Priesthood and More Sex Abuse on the Horizon!

St. James: a sword for Santiago's bishop?
In view of the previous post about the Bishop of Santiago, Spain ordaining a homosexual couple to the priesthood (Can these possibly be valid ordinations?), a July open letter from sociologist Richard Sipe to Bishop Robert McElroy seems timely. Here are two important paragraphs from Sipe's letter:
The number of priests and bishops having sex with minors was not the primary or central focus of the study [A Secret World; Sexuality and the Search for Celibacy]. But my calculation of 6% (six percent) clergy abusers as a base line has held up very well. [ the most recent validation is between 6 ½ and 9% in the U.S. Some dioceses have registered 23%. Some religious houses have recorded 25%.] Sexual violation within the RC clergy is systemic. I say that on the basis of observation and scientific conclusion. And I say that with empathy and concern.
Now that aspect of the sexual crisis is well known around the world. The crisis behind the scandal will be the next phase of reality with which to come to terms: Namely: the broad range and frequency of sexual behaviors registered in the clerical system. “At any one time no more than 50% of priests are practicing celibacy.”  [emphasis by author]
The letter goes on to address the homosexual problem at the highest levels in the Vatican.  As Sipe points out, "Sooner or later it will become broadly obvious that there is a systemic connection between the sexual activity by, among and between clerics in positions of authority and control, and the abuse of children." Sipe does not shrink from naming names of prominent clerics like Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and Cardinal Roger Mahony who, after destroying the Church in L.A., continues to masquerade as a serious, faithful Catholic on his personal blog.

In 2013, Randy Engel sent an open letter to Pope Francis urging the establishment of a papal commission to examine the problem of homosexuality and pederasty in the Church and observing the pope's use of the gay collective's terminology and asking him to "stop it." More recently, Engel wrote an article pointing out Pope Francis' use of "vile words" [coprophilia and coprophagia], terms in fact used to describe depraved homosexual practices. The pope used them in the context of journalists and "false news." He used the same terms several years ago for those who focused on the negative.

Oriental latrine fly feeding on feces
I had never before heard those terms before learning them from Pope Francis. The fact they appear to spring easily from his lips makes me wonder why they are part of his normal vocabulary. Sad, isn't it, that homosexuality has become so common that children are being taught about it in kindergarten! I was pregnant with my third child before it even blipped on my radar screen. Not that I didn't know what the term homosexual meant, but it was so outside the norm and outside my daily life that I was only peripherally aware of it. What a blessing for me! And what a curse now for my poor grandchildren.

Pray for Holy Mother Church. When she is led by a cadre of cardinals and other clerics who are non-celibate and eager to promote acceptance of pederasty it is no wonder we are in such trouble. Having said that, I urge readers to use this information, not to become discouraged, but to fight for the authentic faith. Expose the rot and refuse to join those who enable it by seeing only sweetness and light. Join and support groups like The Lepanto Institute. I invite you to join me and my husband in being monthly subscribers. You do not preserve the faith by whitewashing the outside of tombs filled with rotting corpses. We need more men and women following the examples of John the Baptist, St. James, and Joan of Arc! Pray, fast, and fight! We are, after all, the Church MILITANT!


  1. My son has shown signs of a vocation since he was a toddler. The thought of having to someday explain such VILE abominations to him makes me physically ill! Spare us, O Lord!

  2. If they decided to oust the sexually perverted , the priesthood would shrink dramatically,
    However, the Holy Ghost would Bless a purer Church with His Minsters who would truly do the miraculous for Catholicism and the world. If only they would listen.

  3. I have studied the works of Richard Sipe, and I caution all readers to take his "research" with a BIG grain of salt.

    In fact, his claim that "my calculation of 6% (six percent) clergy abusers as a base line has held up very well."
    In truth, according to the 2004 John Jay Report, about 4% of priests have been merely accused of abuse, with many, many claims turning out to be completely bogus.
    Five Fast Facts About the Catholic Church Abuse Story (

    I also believe his claims of having "empathy and concern" for the Church to be disingenuous.
    Sipe is an angry, fact-challenged ex-priest.

    Read more:
    >>Richard Sipe (<<

    Caveat lector.

  4. Thanks InfoGuy,

    I'll take a look at that website. I can't, however, give the Church a pass on this. I know of too many priests who are homosexual, some of them openly bragging about it. It seems that the only problems from the point of view of some bishops is whether their homosexual priests have "age-appropriate" partners -- like the Vatican priest last year who was removed from his duties. Would he have been removed if he just kept his mouth shut? I doubt it. Laity around the country who expose this rot are often castigated by the local bishop like the laity in Miami who hired a private investigator. When they gave their report to Archbishop Wenski, it was the laity who felt his wrath. Most homosexual priests may not target minors out of fear of exposure, but that doesn't mean kids are safe from their scandal.

  5. You are projecting - this is a terrible, gutter-snipe post.

  6. I'm not sure what you mean, Terry. What am I projecting? As a mom and grandmom, I only want to protect my family. I wish more bishops cared about that as well instead of protecting their own reputations (and the money) by covering up for the homosexual priests in their dioceses.

    I had lunch yesterday with Fr. Haley who was thrown out of the Church and excommunicated (with no notification except an email because everything was "secret") for doing nothing more than ask the forbidden question of whether it is prudent, wise, and good for men attracted to other men to be in a continuous occasion sin by living intimately with other men. And if that is "good" why can't heterosexual men live with nuns?