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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fr. Anthony Cipolla Scandal Part II by Randy Engel

Part I

We must never forget the abuse cases in the Church because as long as homosexuals are welcomed into the seminaries there will be more in the future. And it's important for parents to understand how they groom their targets and what they do to the families. And so, as painful as it is, I urge you to read part II of Randy Engel's story.

The Sex Abuse Case Against Father Anthony J. Cipolla 
Part II The Life and Death of a Pederast Priest
By Randy Engel

Father Anthony Joseph Cipolla was born on August 29, 1943 in Rochester, PA, a borough of Beaver County.  He was the youngest of five children – Ann, Vincent, Genevra, Anita, his twin sister, and Anthony –  born to Ambrose and Albina (Natale) Cipolla. His first parish, where he received his First Holy Communion on June 17, 1954, was St. Titus Church in Aliquippa. It was a heavily mixed ethnic church with German-born, Italian- speaking Father Edward Zauner serving as its long-time pastor. Fr. Cipolla, a country boy, gave credit for his vocation to Fr.  Zauner and to his mother, who by every account was a devout Catholic and a kind, generous soul. 
That same year, 1954, due to the expanding population in the area, Pittsburgh Bishop John Dearden established a new parish, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, in nearby Aliquippa under Father Cornelius J. Finneran. A small chapel was built on the site in September 1954, but the church was not completed until 1987. It was here that the young Anthony Cipolla learned his catechism, went to confession and attended Mass. And it was here that the Mass of Christian Burial was said for the 73-year-old priest following a fatal auto accident on August 30, 2016.           Read more....

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