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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Canon Lawyer Ed Peters Says Alder Hey's Statement on Alfie Deserves the Josef Goebbels Award!

Josef Goebbels with Hitler in the Fuhrerbunker
where he and his wife Magda later killed their
six children and themselves.
Here's Peters' tweet:
That April 24 statement from Alder Hey "Hospital" on little Alfie, it deserves the 2018 Josef Goebbels Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Propaganda, for its making child murder sound like kindness.
Read the statement from hospital, a whining claim about how much they care about Alfie and his family and how THEY are the victims of such meanness from those who disagree with their murderous treatment of Alfie Evans and his family. Get out your crying towel. You'll need it when you read about the "difficult time" they've had which has been "hard to bear." Oh, and the "abuse" their staff has suffered. Of course there's not one word about the abuse of little Alfie and his parents. Welcome to the newspeak world of Alder Hey.

Yes, Ed Peters is right. Their letter is a piece of pathetic propaganda to set THEM up as the victims rather than Alfie and his family. It would indeed make Josef Goebbels proud.

You remember Joseph Goebbels, of course. He was Hitler's Propaganda Minister, a virulent anti-semite and member of the inner circle. Goebbels is the perfect icon for Alder Hey Hospital. As the Red Army was approaching Berlin in early May 1945, Goebbels and his wife Magda took their six children to the bunker where Hitler and Eva Braun were already dead by suicide. There they, with the help of their doctors had their children injected with morphine to knock them out and then placed cyanide pills in their mouths. Then the Goebbels killed themselves. 

Alder Hey Hospital should be renamed after the Goebbels. It would be a fitting testimony to their deadly philosophy! Look at the corpses of the Goebbels children below and realize that this is the plan for Baby Alfie with the help of Judge Hayden. 

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