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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Maybe liberal Starbucks isn't so liberal after all.

I have to laugh when liberals demonstrate just how illiberal they are. Hey, Starbucks diversity is all about protecting the right to sodomy and gay "marriage," but letting blacks use the restroom when they haven't ordered one of their high priced burnt coffees...that's a horse (or a person) of a different color. I never drink Starbucks anyway, but I am laughing over their moment of negative notoriety! [Note: The police don't deserve any criticism here. They were called by Starbucks to remove the black men from what is a private business. They were simply carrying out the law that gives Starbucks the right to order people off their property.] Let's face it. These days many managers exhibit the snowflake attitude of don't make me feel uncomfortable. Get out so I can drink my latte and hug my snuggie in my safe space. Of course the situation at Starbucks will get a lot more media coverage than the episode in Seattle where pro-lifers were ordered out of the gay coffee shop.

Starbucks Boycott Launched over Racist Episode

And Another

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