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Monday, April 9, 2018

Meandering Thoughts for Monday

Diamond and Silk: two tough talking ladies!
  • The feast of the Annunciation was moved from March 25th to this morning because of Palm Sunday falling on the feast day. So, just think, that means we are closer to Christmas. Jesus will be born two weeks early in 2018!
  •  Facebook says Diamond and Silk are "unsafe." The two hairdressers, conservative black women (and sisters) who support President Trump, are definitely "unsafe" to liberals who hate people of color escaping their plantation. Get used to it, liberals. Diamond and Silk have lots of followers and lots of company these days. Have you seen the video of Mark Robinson? Then there are the voices of other black women conservatives like these gals. And you've heard of Star Parker and Alveda King right? One of my favorite YouTube sites belongs to Brandon Tatum, a young black police officer. He and other black men are sharing their conservatism on YouTube. Good for them!

  • Back to Facebook --  A friend who complained about Facebook pages that encourage murdering policeman was informed that content of that nature doesn't violate their standards. Really? One is tempted to ask whether they have any standards besides political correctness.
  • Bad news in the culture wars! The snowflakes are entering the workforce and what's the impact? Instead of the real world impacting these silly juveniles, they are demanding employees who disagree with them be fired or "reeducated" because they are guilty of "micro-aggression." And other stuff.  Here are a few head-shaking articles. How Millennials are Ruining the Work Place and The Victimhood Culture. It's going to be harder and harder for those who refuse to embrace political correctness to get a job. I have no interest in going back to work, but I'm betting that I couldn't work as a sub in a public school. One look at my blog and I'd be labeled with every "phobe" in the dictionary.
  • Speaking of snowflakes, I was watching plenty of them today. Periodic snow showers. Not enough to amount to anything except that it's April. I don't think whoever made up the saying, "April showers bring May flowers." was talking about snow showers.

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