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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

WHERE IS QUEEN ELIZABETH? Doesn't Alfie deserve the same protection as the new royal grandson?

Isn't Alfie the royal baby in his family?
Doesn't he deserve the same care and protection
the new royal grandson would receive?
UPDATE 3:45 p.m: Judge Anthony Hayden refuses to let baby Alfie be taken abroad. His name will go down in history with those of the Nazi judges who committed crimes against humanity! ALFIE MUST DIE by judicial fiat!

An effort is on petitioning Queen Elizabeth for intervention for Baby Alfie.

Would the new royal grandson be treated the same way Alfie is and receive the same neglect and efforts to delivery bring about his death?

Would doctors and judges impose their values on the royal family as they do with British commoners and nobodies?

Certainly not!

And that indicates just how pernicious these evil actions are!

Alfie is a victim of legalized kidnapping! He needs to be freed and given back to his parents who have the right and obligation to make decisions for him with the assistance of doctors and medical staff.

Please sign the petition to Queen Elizabeth. Children are not the property of the state. They belong to God! And God gives their primary care into the hands of their parents -- NOT THE STATE!

Let's all help fight for Baby Alfie! PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION. Let the Queen and the whole
world know that this evil cannot be swept under the rug.

Increasingly hospitals around the world are becoming death camps for the sick and vulnerable.

We need to fight with prayer and public condemnation. The pen is still mightier than the sword and in this age of swift communication, media exposure has the potential to save lives. Let's use it for Baby Alfie.

#FIGHTFORALFIE with prayer and actions. Please pass this on to your Facebook and Twitter contacts and email lists.

And meditate on the photo at right of little Alfie sleeping on his mom's chest where their hearts beat as one. Recall stories of preemie newborns declared dead who were revived by "kangaroo care" from their mothers. Little Alfie is alive and fighting. Let's keep praying for him and his family as they struggle to convince the death peddlers to give him the same chance they would give William and Kate's baby if the situations were reversed.

There's an air ambulance waiting outside Alder Hey Hospital to transfer Baby Alfie for further treatment. Let's pray the judge says, "All aboard!" The parents should be the ones making that decision but the same tyranny that ruled England under Henry VIII and Elizabeth I appears to continue today for many English subjects! God help those who abrogate to themselves God's decision over life and death.

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