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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Pope Makes Me Want to Cry!

Pray for Pope Francis and poor Holy Mother Church!

Pope’s new document has ‘very, very troubling’ parts: EWTN panel


Chriss Rainey said...

1/12 of the Church was corrupt from the beginning. Maybe there is a lesson in that. Things are not perfect with mortals in charge, but the Holy Spirit can do a lot with just those who lap like dogs. (Judges 7:5)

May God bless and protect faithful bishops and priests and give them the courage of a martyr. In these painful times, they need it.

M.T. said...

Oh, most merciful Jesus! the Pope has lost his mind.... How on earth can he calls us to holiness when at the same time he is spreading confusion? He constantly contradicts himself and he expects us to believe in what he says??? I stopped reading what he writes at the very beginning of his pontificate, and sinner as I am, I skip looking at the photos taken of him.
I know I badly need God's grace to remain faithful, but I fear the many much better souls than mine who are so frustrated that they refuse to pray for this grace. Queen of Heaven and Earth, cover us with your mantle of protection from Satan who wants to destroy the Church!...and bless Les Femmes for their awesome courage to defend it.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...


The Church is indefectible. She is perfect and cannot fall. There have been corrupt MEN from the beginning which is why there have been so many heresies, but they were not the fault of the Church. We have the guarantee that the Church is guided by the Holy Spirit which is why the gates of hell can never prevail against her. We have ample proof because if she were not, the corrupt men would have destroyed her centuries ago.