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Friday, April 13, 2018

Media Ignores Student Pro-Life Walkout!


Students at 350 schools walk out to protest child killing by abortion

And what's the media response?

.....Anyone?.....Anyone?.....Hear the crickets?....Or was that a yawn?

Silence -- nada -- nothing.

Are we surprised? The mainstream media are liberal puppets. If it doesn't serve their liberal agenda (gun control, abortion on demand through all nine months, etc.) they don't cover it. The Media Research Center was all over the hypocrisy.

One shooter killing 17 kids deserves round the clock coverage for weeks coverage with a tsunami of coverage with foul-mouthed David Hogg, poster boy for his liberal handlers.

On the other hand, hundreds of abortionists killing 1700+ kids every day earns a yawn and silence. And the student walking out are NOT getting the same kid glove treatment from school administrators as the gun control kids did. The administrators have the gall to claim that the gun walk-out was "content neutral," but the abortion walk-out is controversial.

Really? This is right out of George Orwell! Stifle the truth if it doesn't fit the agenda.

Laura Ingraham interviewed the teacher who started it all, Julianne Benzel.

What's particularly interesting about all this is that the pro-life walkout was the REAL student-led protest. The gun control walkout was planned, lock-stock-and-barrel, (pardon the pun) by the adult left-wing organizers. The pro-life students in just a few days organized hundreds of schools to walk out. Stundents for life got hundreds of calls from students who wanted to know how to join up.

Gives me hope for the future. Let's pray for these future pro-life leaders. They illustrate that the Holy Spirit is moving. Our Lady, Help of Christians, intercede for us and especially for this young generation of pro-life activists. May they flourish and multiply!

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