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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

So Now It's Starvation for Alfie. He Just Refuses to Die Fast Enough for the Modern Dr. Mengeles!

Tom Evans earlier today. He continues to fight for Alfie.
We've seen dehydration and starvation used many times to kill people whose lives are considered not worth living. Often it's combined with the morphine drip. This is the new "palliative care" to make sure people die and die relatively quickly.

Watch Tom Evans speak about what they are doing to his little son.

This is barbaric! These "doctors" put one in mind of Dr. Mengele.

Why are they so determined that this little boy die? He has no brain left the doctors say.
But have you heard of the little guy who was born with almost no brain and the incredible ability of the brain to heal itself? He can now talk, and count, and goes to school. And his brain has grown from a tiny sliver to 80% of a normal brain. Watch a video about him here. Little Noah has stunned doctors.

Why couldn't that happen to Alfie? Doctors aren't gods and they don't know everything. In fact, they don't even know what's wrong with Alfie? There's no diagnosis. So why are they holding this baby hostage? The only world for it is "diabolical." Would you take your little one to this hospital? Every time I look at Alfie, I see my little grandson who's the same age. I wouldn't let him near these doctors.

Alfie's dad is still fighting for him and described what's happening to supporters and media outside the hospital. Not content with pulling the ventilator; now they're determined to starve the child:
“They don’t want to see him come out of it, they want him to die, they want him to deteriorate in the next couple of hours so then they can say ‘oh look we told you’, but in fact in reality I stood in the court case and they told me he wouldn’t last longer than five minutes, he’s lasted 22 hours.”
If these people did this to an animal, they would be charged with cruelty. But doing it to a precious and helpless little boy while they treat the parents like criminals is okay in the thriving culture of legal murder. God help us and preserve us from such "care-givers."

Keep praying for a Moses to demand these modern-day pharoahs set this little boy free!

Tom Evans looks exhausted. What a champion! He's only 21, but he is fighting for his son like a crusading warrior. What a good dad! May God the Father give him strength and feed his little son manna from heaven.


patti forman said...

I remember a movie called Lorenzo's oil. A true story about a kid who had something similar. His wealthy parents kept him home and alive on a ventilator until they found a cure. Why not allow Him to go and die at home if his case is hopeless? If he is really 80% brain dead he won't know he's in pain and nothing his parents do will matter. Could it be that they are afraid he will wake up proving them wrong? Could it be that this was about harvesting his organs for wealthy non-mentally disabled clients? Could it be that this isn't about Alfie but about power and money. About the government beaurocrats deciding who lives and who dies? I bet it's a wealthy politicians family who gets Alfies organs, If I'm visiting England you won't find me using their medical system.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. It's always about money and power! And I wouldn't set foot in England at this point for this reason and their policy on guns and immigration. The only people safe in England are the wealthy and powerful protected by their security people.