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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

#IstandwithLaura - Are David Hogg's Fifteen Minutes of Fame almost Up?

Let's hope so!

If you dare to criticize the foul-mouthed teenager (who calls anyone who supports the second amendment a "f***ing child killer) expect to be attacked for "picking on a child." Hmm...Is David just a baby bully who can say anything he wants disparaging others but is allowed to rampage in the pigpen himself? You would have thought Laura Ingraham threatened to beat the baby with a club instead of tweeting that he whined about not getting accepted to his college of choice. Really, David, grow up!

But the more sinister aspect of the boycott is that now Hogg isn't just going after the second amendment; he wants to gut the first as well. So he can make whatever ad hominem slur he wants against people while expecting others to shut up or he'll sic his leftist handlers on them. (Or did they sic him on Laura? Interesting question about the chicken and the egg.) The Ingraham attack has Media Matters's fingerprints all over it.

But hopefully, David's 15 minutes of fame won't last much longer. The Ingraham attack is backfiring. When MyPillow owner Mike Lindell said he was standing with Laura, he became a target for attack. But he reports that the company is showing strong sales after refusing to join the boycott.

I don't know what others are doing, but I removed all my reviews off TripAdviser and won't be using them anymore for my vacation or restaurant planning. Two can play the boycott game. Frankly, I think it's kind of silly (unless we're talking about fundamental moral issues like abortion), but if the Left insists on doing it, companies have to be shown that it cuts both ways. Stay out of politics, just stick with your business.

I wish Facebook and all the celebrity busybodies would learn that!

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