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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Why is Alder Hey so Intent on Killing Alfie? Two Motives Suggested...

...and let's face it, it's always about power and/or money!

Robert Moynihan from Inside the Vatican suggest the following from a contact:
Wednesday, April 25, 2018

And now, a blogger's chilling theory...
This evening, a reader sent the following text to me, which comes from the website "Alfie'sArmyOfficial," the Facebook page of Alfie's supporters.

I cannot confirm or deny the allegation it makes. But since we are now at "one minute before midnight," we are in an emergency situation which seems to require some action from some new actor, and the allegation made, if even partially true, may spark such action. It is in this hope that I post the following:

"The reason the Government and hospital want this child to die is that if he reaches his second birthday, then he is entitled to compensation for his vaccine injury. Not only will this cost money, but it will make the reality of vaccine injury very, very public. The pharmaceutical/medical mafia is behind this case for sure. Why do you think the hospital won’t let him transfer to another country? Why do you think they care so much? There is a big reason. Wake up and smell the agenda."

Alfie was born on May 9, 2016. If he lives, he will turn 2 years old on May 9, 2018. That is 14 days away.
Janet Baker at Restore-DC-Catholicism also offers chilling information about the history of Alder Hey -- i.e., being body snatchers:
Apparently Alder Hey Hospital has been embroiled in a bit of scandal regarding the harvesting and storage of the bodies of babies for research. This all came down in 2004-2005 so it may have faded from memories. It certainly did from mine until I saw an article on Canon 212. Doctors at Alder Hey took organs from dead children without their parents' consents. These parents were denied justice as the Crown inexplicably dropped charges. One might wonder if a few "pounds sterling" greased some palms.
At any rate, it makes one wonder that if Alfie were to be removed from the hospital, might his parents and/or other doctors (real doctors, that is) find evidence of, uh, "tampering" shall we say? Why else would they be so adamant about keeping him there? Of course I don't believe this crap that Alder Hey plopped out and neither does any sane person. If his retention at Alder Hey serves any "best interests", it's those of that Frankenstein house of horrors that they call a hospital. I must say they certainly have their network of stooges peppered throughout the UK high courts. The hospital got off scott free in 2005; it pays to have friends in high places. In fact, I'm sure one must pay to have friends in high places. These "friends" are certainly going to bat for the hospital today, just as they did 13-14 years ago.
Alder Hey has a lot of questions to answer and it's time for the alternative media to get the word out about the grotesque history of this house of horrors! 


Sixupman said...

Liverpool discredited end of life care system - in effect starving patient to death = aka euthanasia.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Most end of life programs are now geared to the "third path" of euthanasia which is to deny any treatment aimed at a cure and only allow comfort care as "palliative" which often includes denying food, water, oxygen, antibiotics, etc. The goal is a quicker death controlling discomfort by offering morphine and other drugs that bring about "terminal sedation" under the guise of alleviating suffering.

It's happening everywhere and mostly we don't hear about it because families often go along out of ignorance or a desire to diminish their own suffering rather than the patient's. There are cases of families holding down patients while deadly drugs are administered. Involuntary euthanasia is a serious problem. Check out these if you want more info. There are plenty of other articles about the problem of forced euthanasia.

Blogger’s Comment said...

It is indeed in the Statute that child needs to reach 2 years of age in order for vaccine damage claims to be eligible. One left to wonder if we ever will find out all the details and facts of Alfie’s case as it looks like his parents already got a gaging order.

Blogger’s Comment said...

It is indeed provided by the legislature that in order for a vaccine damage claim to be eligible the child needs to have reached 2 years of age. This is not a compensation but rather a scheme designed to ease the financial burden placed on the vaccine-damaged child and their finally. So if child dies as result of vaccine damage before reaching 2 years of age- the family get nothing? We just left to wonder if we ever find out all the fact of Alfie’s case as it looks his parents already got a gagging order.