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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Do You Know Your Bishop?

If you haven't checked out my new page, Know Your Bishops, I invite you to visit. I'm adding to it
every day. Here's the intro I wrote:
INTRODUCTION: Jesus said, "By your fruits you shall know them." That doesn't sound like an admonition to live in blind acceptance of everything people say and do because "who am I to judge?" We are, in fact, called by Christ to evaluate and judge the fruits of those around us so we can make sound moral decisions. It becomes even more important when we are talking about leaders. Do believing Catholics want to follow a politician who advocates abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, unbridled greed, sodomy, suppression of conscience rights or free speech, etc.? Of course not! So why would believing Catholics want to follow bishops who advocate and work to advance immoral behavior that conflicts with Catholic doctrine taught for 2000 years by the magisterium of the Church? Do we really need to change with the times? Do moral truths change with the times? Are we all Pilates today who shrug and ask, "What is truth?"
This page allows the teachers of the Church to speak for themselves and offers the reader the opportunity to choose whom he will follow. There are no secrets about the fruits of many of these men in roman collars. Some offer beautiful fruit for our spiritual health; others give us rotten fruit from the forbidden tree.
Whom will you choose to follow?
If your bishop isn't on the page yet post a comment with an article (Consider the source. I generally don't link to anything from National Catholic Reporter, America, Commonweal, or other dissent sources.) But I will happily add your bishop to the page and let his fruits be revealed by what he says and does.

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