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Saturday, April 14, 2018

U.K. Continues to Kidnap Sick Babies to Kill Them!

Baby Alfie Evans, the latest "useless eater"
targeted in the U.K. for death by doctor mandate!
Who has the right to make decisions over Alfie's medical treatment? Or even where he dies? The U.K. says it's judges and doctors. Move over, parents, your children belong to the state and if they don't measure up, it's "Sayonara, baby!" Alder Hey Children's Hospital even put a police guard outside the little one's room to make sure his parents don't remove the baby from their "loving" care.

This little one is likely to end up the same way Charlie Gard did -- dead by doctors' mandate.

If the death peddlers say your little one's case is hopeless, even if you raise money to pay for treatment and have an air ambulance ready to take him to another hospital (like Alfie's parents do) they will kill your child anyway. What do you know about it, you stupid parents? We are the scientists and medical experts and we say it's time to die!

Aren't all babies children
of the King of Kings?

Do you think the rich and powerful get the same equal treatment, Queen Elizabeth's grandchildren for
example? Would they put an armed guard outside the room if Prince George or Princess Charlotte were sick to prevent William and Kate from taking them to another hospital for treatment?

What if the new royal baby is born with a serious illness? Will he or she be treated with the same draconian tyranny as Charlie and Alfie? Somehow I doubt it. All of us are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Alfie Evans is the latest sick baby with a target on his chest. The hospital says he's terminal and they'll do everything they can to make sure their diagnosis is proved true -- by withdrawing life support and making sure he dies. His parents continue to fight. Let's all pray they succeed. The baby's life is not the only thing at stake here. The primary right of parents to make decisions about their children's welfare is being usurped by out-of-control judges. The only way parent's rights should EVER be denied is if they neglect or abuse their children. Is there any proof these parents have done that?

But is anyone surprised that a country that kills hundreds of thousands of healthy babies by abortion every year would balk at killing one poor, useless, sick baby?

Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, pray for your poor helpless babies targeted for killing by the death peddlers.

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