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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It's Official: The State Owns Your Children and Can Do Anything They Want With Them

We're in a courtroom. You and millions of other parents sit at the defense table arguing that parents, by the authority of God, have the right to make decisions for their children. The state's authority, you argue, derives from God and He has given the primary right of decision-making for children to parents.

The prosecution team at the other table leaps up in unison to object. God has no place in this trial. The parents are out of order. 

The judge sustains the objection and orders the parents not to bring God into the courtroom.

As the case continues, the prosecution makes it clear, presenting many precedents, that children belong to the state:
  • Charlie Gard's parents had no right to make decisions for his care in opposition to the decisions of the British doctors and courts.
  • Alfie Evans' parents had no right to make decisions for his care in opposition to the decisions of British doctors and courts.
  • In 2014 parents were jailed for "abducting" their son from a British hospital to get cancer treatment for him in Europe. The child clearly belonged to the state. It makes no difference that he's been cancer free for three years.
  • In Connecticut minor children can receive birth control and abortion without parental consent.
  • Many children have been abducted from homeschooling parents with no evidence of abuse or neglect.
Progressives believe that decisions for children should not be made by their parents, but the community (i.e., the state). When Hillary Clinton said it takes a village to raise a child she was talking about government and the courts. Many children have been forcibly removed from their families in various countries including the U.S. simply because they are being homeschooled.  

More here and here. And do you remember the medical kidnapping of Justina Pelletier? She was held by the state for a year and half while her medical condition deteriorated and she almost died. Her parents were treated like criminals. It was shameful and shocking. If it can happen to these families it can happen to you. We live under the tyranny of an increasingly world-wide out-of-control government system where child services, the courts, and the medical establishment can kidnap children to kill the or treat them any way they wish. And money is often involved.

But one thing is certain. There will be another courtroom and another judge, the judge who shares his authority with parents. Those who have usurped HIS authority by usurping parental authority will have to answer to Him. Those who abused their authority to take the physical lives of the sick and handicapped may be looking at an eternal sentence in a very hot place.

Pray for conversion. Many souls are in danger of hell and their only hope is that someone is praying for them. Remember Mary's words at Fatima. Many souls go to hell because they have no one to pray for them. Being among the rich and powerful won't save them! And may God protect their little victims and give them justice and their families consolation.

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