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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Meditation for Sunday: When Man Replaces God, He Creates a Nightmare of Evil!

Are we condemned to repeat the evils of the past?
It's Earth Day. No doubt you're thinking of ways to make the earth a better place. I'm all for that, so let's take a little walk down one ugly path of history so we won't repeat it.

Did you know that the German government under Adolf Hitler murdered 300,000 aryan German citizens before it organized the mass killing of Jews? The German euthanasia program (Aktion T4) preceded the mass extermination of the Jews and other ethnic groups by two years. Hitler's personal doctor, Karl Brandt, organized the program the purpose of which was to eliminate undesirable populations in German society. Those with congenital health problems, the mentally ill, the retarded, even World War I amputees were targeted for death. Why? For a whole myriad reasons: eugenics, reducing the welfare budget, cost effectiveness, etc. all wearing the mask of compassion claiming the desire to reduce suffering.

The methods of killing included carbon monoxide poisoning where a bus loaded with victims was deliberately filled with deadly fumes. Other methods included starvation (a common practice on the children's hospital wards), shooting, hanging, and poisoning with deadly drugs. If you can think of a horrible atrocity, it was probably used in the T4 program. In fact, the gas chambers were originally set up on the wards of German mental hospitals before being used in the death camps.

Why do I bring this up today?

Because history is repeating itself.

The enlightened members of society are once again targeting the "unfit" for elimination. The study below took place in the Netherlands where the Dutch legalized euthanasia in 2002 "in very specific cases, under very specific circumstances." Well that was then, this is now. The price tag on the lives of the "unfit" puts them in the bargain basement:

Study Finds Hundreds of Mentally Ill and Dementia Patients Euthanized Without Consent
"The study concludes that safeguards and capacity assessment in cases of people with intellectual disabilities or autism do not effectively protect this group of people...."
Once man usurps the role of God, he doesn't create a loving and compassionate society, but a nightmare dystopia that progresses to greater and greater atrocities.

Today, I saw a meme on Facebook that 44% of Millennials want to live under socialism. Both
Socialism and Fascism are totalitarian systems that make people cogs in the state machine. They are flip sides of the same evil coin. Individuals have no value if they aren't of use to the state.

The millennials (and every other generation) need to study history. When man replaces the authority of Christ the King over governments with his own worldly wisdom, the result is more likely to be Big Brother with his torture chambers and gulags than the shining City on the Hill!

Study history. I recommend Fredric Wertham's exploration of violence, A Sign for Cain, which has two chapters on the German euthanasia program. The book was originally published in 1966, but it continues to raise relevant questions today. One chapter on the death penalty is particularly relevant to that on-going discussion. Wetham asks, "Can we abolish violence without violence?" If you want to see how he answers the question, read the book.

Meanwhile, today, as you think about respect for the earth, pray that we stop filling up our landfills with the bodies of dead babies and our cemeteries with the victims of the "mercy" killers.

And, please, pray for millennials. They have been so brainwashed by our socialist public schools trained by teachers educated in socialist colleges by socialist professors, that many have lost the capacity to reason. We need to try (Pray it's possible!) to encourage them to think. They've been very effectively brainwashed and it will take a miracle of grace to de-program them. We must pray and fast as well as challenge them with the truth (and a big smile).

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!


umblepie said...

Thank you for this salutary post.

M. Prodigal said...

Perhaps history, like cursive writing, is missing from the schools these days. After all, room is needed for gender indoctrination and sex ed.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Teaching kids is hard. Kids don't like to do unpleasant things like memorize multiplication tables. Entertaining them with salacious exercises like putting condoms on bananas is much easier.

rohrbachs said...

The pulpits must preach too. And the parents. Homeschooling is the ultimate sex ed sit out, for those who can.