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Friday, April 13, 2018

University of Tennessee Hosts Sex Week

What a week at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville!

"Sex Week" ended yesterday and the students no doubt got big benefits from all the "events" listed in their flyer. I hesitate to post it because of the XXX events of the week, but I think it's necessary for parents to realize exactly what's happening on college campuses today to "educate" their children.

Note Thursday's events beginning with the "Science of Abortion." If you think that's about showing kids how abortion kills babies or the risks to women, you must have just stepped off an alien starship. And just imagine the show and tell at "Toys R Sex." Will they have live demonstrations for that sexshop and the next event which I can't even bring myself to type? Is this why parents are spending big bucks to send their kids to college?

The University of Tennessee-Knoxville says "Sex Week" is privately funded, but does that really change the egregious nature of hosting such a lewd event on a taxpayer funded campus?

Of course, this isn't just a college problem. Sexual immorality has invaded the nursery. Kindergarteners are being indoctrinated in "gender fluidity" all over the country with diversity bookbags, queer story hours, and "transition ceremonies." Frequently, parents aren't told of the events and only learn about them when children arrive home upset and confused. Welcome to the brave new world where your children belong to the schools for seven hours a day and you don't even have the right to know what's being taught!

Austin Ruse recently wrote an article about the "horrific" sex ed program in Fairfax County, VA where I lived for over thirty years. No surprise! Fairfax has been one of the country's leaders in lewdity for decades!  I was involved back in the 80s fighting Fairfax County's sex ed program and it was "horrific" even then. Thousands of parents attended meetings in County to survey the materials during the upheaval. The program included a film strip for middle schoolers that portrayed a man in a lab coat (implying a doctor) saying the way to avoid STDs was "Not to change sexual partners too frequently." That's an appropriate message for a twelve year old? And don't shrug and say it's not true. I was there. I saw the film strip. They also showed a movie narrated by Michael Douglas that portrayed parents as screamers who give their children "Hassles and Hangups" (the title of the movie). The movie made it clear that parents don't listen and can't be trusted so take your concerns to your local school counselor who really cares about you. This was all about driving a wedge between parents and children during adolescence when kids are struggling to find their own independent identity and tend to rebel. You can almost see the Planned Parenthood minions behind these programs giving each other high fives: more sex, more fodder for their abortion mills which have quotas for abortion services. It's all about money. That's why they don't do mammograms -- not enough profit margin. 

"Sex Week" at UT - Knoxville is, indeed, as Franklin Graham says, "filthy trash," but it serves well the lewd left, who serve at the altar of lust which has always demanded human sacrifice, especially the sacrifice of the innocent.

Mary, Mother Most Chaste, pray for us.

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