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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Are bullets through the windows next?

Decapitated Animal Carcass Left on Front Porch of DHS Official

Historically, violent rhetoric from the elite always precedes violent attacks. It preceded the shooting at the ball field last year where Steve Scalise was seriously wounded and almost died. It preceded every fascist/socialist takeover around the world -- from the French Revolution onward. It begins with unbridled lust and consuming children, as abortion has in this country for going on half a century following the "sexual revolution" as the occult and child sacrifice did in 17th century France. We're in for it, folks. Keep your rosary beads in your pockets and pray to St. Michael the Archangel. The demons are on the prowl and they have plenty of helpers on the left.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

And the fascists on the left are now telling us to expect bombings next. These people are pure evil!

When did conservatives do this? During Clinton's corrupt administration? During Obama's? Bill Ayers is no doubt out there advising people how to make homemade bombs like he did with the Weather Underground. They bombed the Capitol. They bombed a police station. They killed people. This is what the left does. Wake up, stupid liberals, who don't really support this. You are in bed with some very dangerous people! You can check out the Weather Undergrounds capital crimes at this url:

Bill Ayers claimed they never killed anybody except their own bomb makers (They turned an apartment into a bomb factory). But when have the left not been liars? Read this

M. Prodigal said...

This is what the globalists and population control folks want: to be in control, to harm anyone who does not agree with them, to indoctrinate the children to immorality, destroy the family via gay unions, transgender make believe, and abortions along with euthanasia. Sure, legalize pot so that young minds remain stoned and will not get ahead in life. Sure, legalize all perversions and then, of course, build up fake news, calumnies, and foment civil unrest that will indeed lead to violence as it has in the past with many genocides.

May our Precious Lord intervene.

Michael Dowd said...

True Democrats are evil by definition; Catholic Democrats worse. They support abortion and sodomy. They are bad citizens. They support illegal immigrants and favor income redistribution. They do many other things to undermine the Catholic religion and our country. Priest and Bishop Democrats are the very worse as they lead people into hell.