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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I Love Lexington! Let's not Punish the Whole Town for One Rude Woman's Prejudice

Two women: one a Southern lady, one a liberal bigot!
And by the way, did you know Stephanie Wilkinson, co-owner of the Red Hen, is a transplant from New York and Meryl Streep's cousin? Hmmm....Is it any wonder she's such a liberal loon! Here's a great article on the entire subject and I applaud the author.

The Red Hen, The Murder of Southern Hospitality and The Spirit of Destruction

When Sarah Sanders was viciously attacked at the White House Correspondents dinner by an idiot comedian, she didn't respond in kind. Conservatives have grown to expect depraved behavior from the left. Why dignify it with equal rudeness? Decapitated heads, obscene language, looting, burning, and rioting -- it's all the left knows since they have no arguments and apparently lack the intelligence to frame them. 

I'm happy to see people out picketing the Red Hen, but I wish those defending conservatives would be civil about it. How about a sign asking, "Did conservatives treat Obama like this?" According to some reports, people are throwing chicken poop and carrying ugly signs. 

Really? That makes me cringe!

Do we have to imitate the worst behavior of the left? This is the time to show the difference between civil disagreement and barbarism. Some friends and I once waited for the abortionist after a massive rescue at his mill. We talked in the parking lot for about half and hour. We ended up sending him a prayer calendar. He didn't stop doing abortions, but we still hope those prayers for his conversion won't go unanswered -- even on his deathbed.

Good manners are the grease that make the gears of society run smoothly. The left apparently never learned good manners from their moms -- or the virtue of hospitality. They only know one thing: attack and destroy. Let's show that we're made out of better stuff! And here's a video for our liberal friends. Take a course in civility!


Chriss Rainey said...

It appears to me this Wilkinson woman was just itching for a fight. Dying for a chance to be seen as the defender of her cause.

She probably couldn't contain her glee as she raced to the restaurant after getting the call letting her know Sanders was there.

Ask yourself this: Why did they call? What previous discussion had she had with staff that gave them the impression something should be done about this patron vs. anyone else.

And she wasn't content to just refuse Sarah, she followed and harrassed her family to another venue.

I think the people in that town should buy her out at firesale prices and put in a Mission Barbeque in its place.

Susan Matthiesen said...

The Calvary of Romania is coming our way. Or rather it was stopped briefly by President Trump's election, thanks be to God.

"The story of Romanian persecution and martyrdom (of Catholics) is virtually without equal in the twentieth or any other century. As the Osservatore Romano wrote in 1948, when the persecution was only starting: 'No similar story of moral violence, of persecution, of the VIA CRUCIS of liberty, of personality, and of human dignity can be read in all the pages of history.' " (Robert Royal, The Catholic Martyrs of the Twentieth Century)

After Communism has tried to convert the world to its evil and mostly lost (at the cost of millions and millions of lives), it is now America's turn.

Think of the most horrible tortures imaginable. Well, what happened in Romania to all the Catholic bishops was even worse than what one can imagine. The Communist government "decapitated" the Catholic Church by killing in the most terrible way her bishops and priests, all the heads of monasteries, convents. Churches, schools, hospitals etc were all

Americans have guns. If we manage to keep them we will deflect the horror a bit. If not, it will be wholesale slaughter just like in Romania, Albania, Mexico, France, Guatemala, El Salvador, Russia, Spain, China, anywhere Islam rules - in short the entire world but America. Now it has arrived here, thanks to the leftist politics of Obama, Hillary, the Left, Soros and Islam not to mention our leftist schools and universities indoctrinating our children to grow up to hate us and the United States and God.

Stephanie Wilkinson wanted to be as famous as her cousin, Meryl Streep. Now she is. I hope she's happy when her business goes under. And I have no sympathy for Lexington, VA if they elected her the as Executive Director of Main Street Lexington, a business group formed to PROMOTE ECONOMIC VIABILITY. They now cry not to "punish Lexington" but they did it themselves by empowering Wilkinson. She's resigned from that position now, but too late.

So yes, I would drive by to other more welcoming towns with no problem or feeling of guilt at all. Lexington will have to prove itself, to me at least, before I would ever spend a penny there on one drop of gas or one French fry. So long Lexington!

Susan Matthiesen said...

Please let me add that I believe that most leftist bishops and priests betray Christ precisely because they do not want to walk the Way of the Cross like He did and like their brothers and sisters so persecuted and tortured and caused to go mad for His sake did. They held fast and were killed.

Today the hierarchy - especially the current pope and the German bishops - think they must make the Faith more palatable to societies so as not to have those societies turn on them and do to them what they did in Romania.

But they are mistaken. Better to die for Truth than lies, because no matter what, liberal or not, the devil will turn on them also.

Unknown said...

By the way, there is no such thing as Southern Hospitality. I'm a conservative Northern transplant for five years living in Virginia and I am not allowed to feel welcome by southerns here. The joke they ask if I ever heard is" What is the difference between a Yankee and a Damn Yankee. The Yankee leaves but the Damn Yankee stays. Nice. The only hospitality is if you have money. Give me a Damn Yankee any day. You know where you stand with them, not Southerns! They smile and stab you in the back.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm sorry you've had that experience, Cathy. I think when southerners use the term "yankee" they aren't talking about where you're from but what you stand for. I don't know where in Virginia you live, but I've never had anything but a positive experiences in Woodstock. Everyone who comes to do work for us is respectful. I've never been called Ma'am so much in my life or shared stories about family.

In Alexandria I didn't feel like we lived in the south because there weren't many natives. Here in the Shenandoah Valley I've always felt welcomed. In fact shortly after we moved here I forgot my glasses at the post office where I had mailed a package. The clerk reverse looked up my phone number from the return address on the package and called to see if they were mine. I said to my husband, "I feel like we've moved to a place with real people." In Alexandria the post mistress would have stomped on my glasses I'm sure. Everyone from the clerks in the grocery store to the piano tuner, to the plumber are always friendly and cheerful. I hope you will give Virginians another chance.

canadianchristian said...

I notice a lot of vulgar references, and rude language in social media. Sadly, too much of it actually comes out of the mind and mouth of the current American President. What must be happening within the man, for so much nastiness to come out of his mouth?

canadianchristian said...

I do notice a lack of civility, and a lot of rude language coming from the current American president. If that what comes out of him, what is happening inside him?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Hmm....Canadian Christian I don't see anything in your comments about ALL the liberals who are tweeting about kidnapping or killing the president's children and grandchildren, hounding and persecuting his administration, comedians holding up a severed head of the president or actors murdering him on stage. Let's see you comment on that.

If I held up a scale and put liberal abuse and vulgarity, threats and actual violence on one side and Trump's crass talk on the other, it would be no contest. Trump's "offenses" wouldn't even be able to lift the ugly weight of liberal abuse even a millimeter.