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Friday, June 22, 2018

Peter Fonda Wants to Kill Mary Ann and Me

Peter Fonda gives the ISIS "We're #1" sign. 
Was it Peter Fonda who wanted to kill Mary Ann and me in 2017? On June 20th, 2018, just to let the world know that he's still here since most people have forgotten has-been Peter Fonda, he tweeted that he wanted to rip Barron Trump from his mother's arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles. After that, slimy Peter wants to put Kristjen Nielsen in a cage and poked at by passersby. The g - - h should be pilloried in Lafayette Square naked and whipped by passersby while being filmed for posterityCages. Filming. Whipping. Nudity. Kidnapping. Sounds as if washed up Peter has found a new career with ISIS as their chief filmmaker.

But at least the old coot
did not say that he wanted his victims dead, while the person attacking Mary Ann and me last year definitely wanted us to die. The words used to describe us and this blog are too vile to post here, but I will say how the person wants us to die. We are to f - - -ing die disgusting deaths. Long, lingering, painful, humiliating, sh - - -ing and pi - - ing themselves in public, oozing putrid, vile deaths. And then they need to burn in hell for eternity.

And this
person is a Catholic (!!). Liberal. Female. Married. Lives in California. In September of 2017 was going on the Camino in Spain. A "huge fan of Tim Ferriss". Likes Four Stigmatic Mushroom Coffee. Watches anti-Catholic shows on Netflix. Hates AKA Catholic, 1P5 and Les Femmes and all the "MAKs and SMs" (Mary Ann Kreitzer and Susan Matthiesen type Catholics). In short, this person possesses a liberal mind filled with hate.

All hate originates from the same source - Lucifer. It's Lucifer's hatred that fills the wolves of Antifa, the Left, ISIS, Communists, Nazis and the murderous regimes of the past, present and future. It's Lucifer's hatred that murders children in the womb and children in our schools. And it's 100% the same hatred emanating from Peter Fonda against an innocent child, Barron Trump. Where was Peter Fonda when ex-President Obama did the same thing at the border that Trump is now doing? We didn't hear Fonda calling for Malia and Shasha to be put in a cage with Muslim grooming gangs. Did we? No. Of course not.

Princess de Lamballe was turned over to the mob, 

raped, mutilated, and torn limb from limb. She was

then beheaded and her head on a pike was cruelly
presented to the imprisoned French Queen, 
Marie Antoinette, to kiss.
There's a boiling hatred simmering beneath the outward show of hostility and violence by the ilk of Fonda, Antifa 
and the anti-Christian, anti-West Left poisoning the minds of university students ready to tear down this country. Those young people practically foam at the mouth while seething hatred and spewing frothy spittle as they beat half to death any person daring to stand against their Satanic ideals. 

The atmosphere is ripe for revolution. Revolution much like the French Revolution of 1789 - 1799. The election of President Trump stopped it for a few years. Pray that he can hold the tide of evil back, will be elected for another 4 years and that by then the tide will have ebbed. If not, a tsunami of evil will come for it did for the Princess de Lamballe and her grisly death in the early days of the French Revolution. Nothing has changed since then because human nature never changes. Beware of mobs and mob violence.

This reminds me of an incident which happened during the presidential election of 1996 (Bill Clinton vs Bob Dole) when the elderly Democratic Catholic father of a friend showed me his Rosary. He said that he had carried it in his pocket all his life and that he prayed the Rosary everyday. Thinking that I was also of his ilk, in a vicious voice he then said, And everyday I pray that all Republicans will go to Hell. I hate them. What kind of "prayer" was that? I wondered how the Blessed Mother could listen to such hatred. Unfortunately this man died before he could witness God's answer to his lifelong prayers - the election of President Donald J Trump.


Kathleen1031 said...

This has become so glaringly apparent, it is a horror to observe it.
Just today I was having some work done on my car, and while I was in the shop waiting, having a nice conversation with one gentleman, also waiting, two separate, well to do gentlemen came in, both about 70 years old. CNN was on the TV, and these two men started in talking about the border issue, and separating of children and parents. These men practically foamed at the mouth, the anger and hatred for Donald Trump was palpable.
I've never in my life seen so much open and venomous animosity and hatred in our culture. It seems as if many Americans have been entirely taken over by a spirit of violence and anger, and so much of it is directed at the president. It is barely possible to disagree with them, no matter their age. A civil society has broken down.
I do think, something evil this way comes. The whole world, government, church, are all in the throes of demonic attack. I just saw a headline that a man beheaded his own mother with a butter knife and his teeth. We are witnessing the complete unleashing of Satan. Please Jesus, do not abandon us. Our Lady, pray for us!

Kathleen1031 said...

And I wish to say, it is a horror that you would be treated thus, I'm sorry for it, what a terrible thing. And what Peter Fonda said is so beyond the pale, I wish sincerely he would be charged with a federal crime. It is unlawful to make a threat against a president, 18 U.S.C.879, or make a threat against their family, and if you don't send a message to these deranged Communists, they only are getting bolder. He should be charged and prosecuted. To imagine anyone even thinking such a thing, against a little boy who did not run for office.
Truly, God help us, we are among savages.