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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tucker on California: What Democrats Have Done to California is Deplorable!

The Democrats target the middle class, those they consider "deplorable," taxing them out of existence. They always use "tax the rich" talk, but there aren't enough "rich" people to fill their coffers. They always, always go for the middle class. Democrat politicians hold normal workers in contempt. And the result is what's happening in California. The middle class can't afford to live in the state. They are fleeing.  What's left are the very rich and the very poor and mentally ill living on the sidewalks in their own filth.

Los Angeles now looks like a banana republic where people are either super-rich or super poor.

I was in Guatemala City for a meeting of Family of the Americas back in 1980. There were shacks made of cardboard and scrap wood with tin roofs filling the hillside next to the convention center separated by a high wall. The stench was unbelievable. A mom with several small children was living on the corner a block from the hotel cooking over a little fire on the sidewalk.

Los Angeles now looks like that. Normal people are fleeing the state. What will you do if it comes to your town? This is what Democrat policies do to a state, a county, a town! As long as they can stay in power the Democrats don't care what they do to people. They get richer like Maxine Waters who represents an area riddled with homeless tent cities ruling from her $4.3 million mansion while she accuses the Trump administration of not caring for the poor. Really? A synonym for Democrat is hypocrite!

Look at what Democrats have done to cities like Chicago and Detroit. If you want to destroy a place embrace the Democrats socialist agenda. Hopefully, if you do, you'll embrace the Beatitude, Blessed are the poor in spirit. You'll need it to match the material poverty that follows.

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