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Friday, June 8, 2018

Thought for the Day: Sharia Law is Coming for Europe

...and short of a miracle it won't be long.

Raymond De Souza made this observation in a recent article in The Wanderer:
Nobody lives forever. People are born, grow up, live their lives, however short or long they may be, and then die. So the church depends, for her continued existence and normal increase, on the offspring of Christian parents; children must be born for life to continue, even in the Church. Without children being born, there is no future society, there is no Church. Therefore, parents are the agents of the Church in the education of her children. 
In contrast, it is a tragedy to see how European countries today are contracepting and aborting themselves into extinction: Their populations are being replaced by Muslim immigrants. A century from now, or perhaps less, Europeans will have become ethnic minorities in their own countries, living under the sharia law of Mohammed.
Pope Pius V who organized the Holy League to fight the invasion of the Muslims in the 16th century which culminated in a decisive victory at Lepanto must be rolling over in his grave over the nonsense supported today by so many Catholic prelates proclaiming the glories of welcome Islam within their borders. The invasion stopped by Pope Pius V is enabled by our own pope and the hierarchy. No wonder the

A recent PEW research report showed that by 2050 about one in five Germans will be Muslim. Take into account that at the time of our revolution against England only about 40 percent of the population supported the separation from the mother country. About 20% remained loyal to the empire and the rest were indifferent or neutral. Consider what the demographics of Europe will be by the end of the 21st century. Muslim migrants are outpacing Europeans in births. Their population is young and growing while European christians are aging and their population shrinking. Children are, indeed, the future. When a population rejects them, extinction is only a matter of time.

Fr. Paul Marx, one of the foundational rocks of the pro-life movement often urged parents to be pro-life by having another baby. Good advice for those in love with life. No matter how dark the days, as Dickens wrote in The Old Curiosity Shop, children are a blessing:
“I love these little people; and it is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us.”
The Muslims get it. Those who fill the cradles will rule the future and they are filling their cradles often at the expense of their host countries.  Western civilization, short of a miracle, is on the descent and the cruel culture of Islam is on the rise. Eurabia is coming and after that?...will America be next?

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M. Prodigal said...

A spirit of deception has blinded their eyes as they continue to welcome "refugees" who are mostly young men with cell phones, etc. A friend of mine in Phoenix was telling me how muslims are moving into her neighborhood and buying 750G homes and have nice cars, etc. Refugees? No way. They are heavily subsidized and are the front lines of an invasion force and they will not assimilate. This is one form of chastisement for the evils in our society. But, hey, a chance for martyrdom may be available in the coming years.