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Friday, June 22, 2018

It's About Time! Good-bye, Cardinal McCarrick

Hey! I did it my way!
Surprise! Cardinal McCarrick is a sex-abusing homosexual who got away with it for years because of his power and prestige. Well all I can say is ho-hum. I wrote this in 2010 and this in 2009

Several years ago (I think it was between Christmas and New Year's) we visited the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. It's a place I love and the decorations at Christmas are always breathtakingly beautiful. What wasn't beautiful that day was the celebrant at Mass -- Cardinal McCarrick. I spent the Mass praying for him and had a barf bag ready when he got up and gave the looooong, rambling homily. What a monumental hypocrite! 


elpine flower said...

The , I don't remember, I don't recall defense.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Let us pray that real justice is done and that his removal is permanent. I've called for his clergy targets to come forward and testify.

elpine flower said...

This follow up to Dreher's initial article on McCarrick and the comments are interesting.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

received via email

Mccarrick is a pedophile and all you can say is "ho-hum"???????????????????
McCarrick isn't a SEX abusing homosexual -- he's a sexual molester of CHILDREN. You're saying you knew this and that the church you belong to kept him in active ministry and you did nothing but write an article on your blog 8-9 years ago that said nothing about him being a child molester? This is too unreal to be believed that Catholics who believe they are the conscience of everyone and that's why they're writing blogs have nothing to say but "ho-hum" as after almost 20 years of the no tolerance policy, sodomite molesters of children are not only tolerated but have the positions of greatest influence. How many boards does McCarrick continue to serve on? How many bishops and cardinals since Francis was elected have been appointed because of his influence(Farrell, Cupich, Tobin, Holley and I'm sure I could name at least ten more and if you're interested, I will--where he was at the installation)-- do you know that those bishops are not molesters of children also? This evil continues in the Catholic Church because of the immorality of the congregation (I mean of you and your friends). Do not congregate with evil doers (St. Paul: expel them from your midst) and yet you all continue to congregate w/child molesters and instead of being outraged, after 16 years of accompanying sin, you say "ho hum." Unbelievable!
Anne Pagano

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thank you for your comment, Anna.

First a clarification. Pedophilia refers to sex with a pre-adolescent. McCarrick's abuse was with a young man who was 16 and 17 at the time. That is a more typical scenario with homosexuals. They call these young people "chickens" and refer to themselves as "chicken hawks." The homosexual cabal in the Church is one of the reasons Catholics have so little influence in the culture. It's disgraceful and, yes, I'm angry which is why I fight.

When I wrote "ho-hum" I was not talking about the abuse. Of course, I'm outraged about that. Good grief, I've been going after the homosexual cabal in my own diocese for over 20 years. I was talking about the "revelation." I doubt if many of the bishops were surprised when this came out. They probably all yawned over their morning coffee. In Dallas in 2002 when Bishop Bruskewitz made a motion to study the link between the homosexual abuse and dissent, he couldn't even get a second. He described his brothers as "this pathetic bench of bishops." Indeed, most of them continue to deserve that designation.

I agree with everything you wrote about McCarrick. But what would you expect the average person in the pew to do (whom you have labeled "immoral"?) I have no control over who is made a bishop or cardinal. I can only expose the scandals which is what I've tried to do. What would you have had me write on my blog? I had no personal knowledge of McCarrick's behavior and I don't pass on gossip that I can't confirm. That WOULD be immoral. I simply try to expose scandal because a priest once told me, "If you can't stop a scandal, the next best thing is to expose it." Over the years we've stopped a few wicked things in our diocese because of the Les Femmes newsletter, very few. But as long as I can lift a pen or work at the keyboard I'll continue.

Where were you when all this was going on? Do you fight dissent in your diocese? I believe there is a direct link between dissent and homosexual abuse as Bishop Bruskewitz suggested.

A former bishop of ours John Keating asked at a meeting on his last ad limina visit (1998) what he should do about his homosexual problem. He left Rome in a casket. He had a serious heart condition, but some suggested he was murdered. There was no autopsy.

We live in challenging times. Most Catholics are asleep. Perhaps we are getting the clerics we deserve -- men like McCarrick. God help us.