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Friday, June 15, 2018

Ridding the World of Catholics

The face of Antifa
I look at this picture and think, "Yikes! Someone please help me!" But no one comes because of course I am sitting at my computer and this is merely a picture on the screen.

But if this were real and I were truly facing vile and wicked wolves wanting my death so as to rid the world of one more troublesome Catholic, what would I do?

If I happened to be foolish enough to be alone in the wilderness and get into a situation where rabid wolves wanted to taste my blood, I would have to fight for my life. Running would not be an option. I'd have to growl back at them and show my teeth. Squint my eyes and look as mean as they do. Maybe throw in a bit of dripping saliva to complete the aura of trying to look like an equal contender in the fight to be.

Fortunately, I'm smart enough not to wander around in forests at twilight. But we all wander in this world and there are living wolves wanting our death. Human wolves looking very much like the ones in the picture above. They are all the people in the history of the world wanting to rid the universe of God and His Catholic Church, of priests and nuns and religious and Catholic people in general. Of you. And me. Of our loved ones and families, our friends and parents, spouses, siblings and yes, even our little animals. Why? Because they are predators and we are their prey.

I don't like being prey and I will fight back. Of course we have to be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves in the fight for our right to exist since today humanity is divided exactly in one half in the age-old fight of good against evil. It isn't just Islam wanting to conquer the globe and rule all humanity. Included is the Left, the MSM, Antifa, George Soros and his vast wealth, the EU, the UN, the OIC and all others whose basis for their hatred of God is Lucifer.

Today is no different than the past. It's no different because human nature never changes. We might have advantages that we all enjoy of technology, electricity, cars, planes, and modern conveniences but our human nature is the very same as the first people to exist - Adam and Eve. Our human nature is identical to theirs.

Evil wants to reign supreme. Throughout the history of the world evil has always tried to kill good, the first being Cain killing Abel. Now it's our turn to fight. Just because we passed into the 21st Century and a new millennium does not mean that the killing of good people by evil people is over and finished because now we all are so politically correct. No. Not at all.

After the direct killing of millions and millions of Catholics in just the 20th century alone in Mexico (Cristeros War, 1926 - 1929), Spain (Spanish Civil War, 1936 - 1939), Russia (Bolshevik Revolution, 1917, and Communism, 1917 - 1991), Europe (Nazis, 1933 - 1945), Central America (the 1980s), China and all Asia (since forever until today), Africa (remember 1990 - 1993 in  Rwanda?) and the Middle East (610 AD - 2018; 270,000,000 Christians killed by Islam since Muhammad and the figure continues to rise), it it now our turn. In the 21st century. In America. Why should we be exempt from the privilege of defending God and possibly to die for Him?

Look at the wolves, the human faces of Antifa and the Left. It's the same visage of rabid pure hatred which fueled the killing of millions of 20th century Catholics as well as of Catholics in the past such as during the French Revolution. That's not to mention the killing of hundreds of millions of unborn children across the globe by abortion which was most recently passed in what was once Catholic Ireland, soon to rid the world of the possibility of future Irish Catholics.

Now it's our turn. American Catholics. For the time being we have been granted a reprieve by the election of President Trump. He is facing the wolves for us, competently holding them at bay for the present moment, thanks be to God. Had Hillary been elected, she and her Leftist and Islamic accomplices would not have done much to stop hatred of Christians, and Catholics in particular. Antifa types would now be burning Catholic churches across America, dragging priests out of Mass and killing them in front of their flocks as a lesson in totalitarianism, raping God's virgin spouses, and torturing and killing regular Mass goers. After all, it happened in the past (and practically overnight) when Leftist anti-God governments were in power and is happening in the Middle East right now. Nothing has changed in the history of the world since the beginning of time.

It isn't happening in America at the moment. But it can, and would have had Hillary and the Left won. And it will, unless we gather the courage to put our lives on the line for God. I'm not going to rush into the city and 
confront fascist communist Antifa, but I will if I have to. Meanwhile, as we all use the talents God has given to each of us in order to defend Him, we need to know and understand history then up the ante by knowing the stakes, who the current players are and what their agenda is for Jesus Christ and the future of His Catholic Church (extinction) and ourselves as Catholics. 


Chriss Rainey said...

I think a lot about "what if Hillary had won." In the grand scheme of evil doers, I think Obama's 8 years were to breakdown the economic and military strength of the USA. Hillary's 8 years would have turned this country into something resembling the EU overrun with immigrants with no desire to become Americans and poverty not seen since the 1930's which would have had a great % of this country eating out of her hand. I also believe it was the hand of God that prevented it from happening. We have witnessed one of the truly great turning points in world history.

Catholics most of all should recognize this and give credit where it is due. We have been blessed with the opportunity to be true witnesses. It's up to us to do so.

Chriss Rainey said...

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Susan, yes, we have been given a reprieve. We've been given a little more time to pray, repent, work towards establishing a Culture of Life. By and large, it would seem that our clergy is squandering that opportunity if not despising it outright (especially at that gab-fest extravaganza in Ft Lauderdale this week). We will need to pick up the slack.