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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Planned Parenthood: The Sex Predator's Best Friend.

If you think Planned Parenthood's only crimes are killing babies and selling their body parts (as if that isn't enough to stimulate the gag reflex), you need to dig a little deeper.

Planned Parenthood is the sexual predator's best friend. They cover up statutory rape, incest, and sex trafficking. They will instruct pimps on how to get services for their sex slaves and get the government to pay for them. They hide multiple rapes of minors by coaches, teachers, older boyfriends and even the incest rapes of fathers who bring their daughters for abortion multiple times to the same centers. Red flags to Planned Parenthood turn green with dollar signs.

Tell me again all you folks who just luuuuuuuv Planned Parenthood because they are sooooo concerned about women -- why? They enable sex abuse of young teenage girls even giving pimps and madams the info they need to keep the girls out there working the streets and getting rid of anything inconvenient, like say an STD or a "product of conception."

Anyone who supports Planned Parenthood is cooperating with the sex trafficking industry. Their pattern of enabling sexual predators is well documented. Here's just one video detailing their longtime status as the sexual predators' best friend.

PP luvs predators.
See more at Live Action and join the growing movement to defund Planned Parenthood. Heck, they shouldn't just be defunded; many of their workers should be charged, tried, and jailed! The only reason this hasn't happened is because Planned Parenthood funnels so much money into Democrat coffers, money which comes from robbing taxpayers pockets. Check out their history of giving and note the number of zeroes in the Republican column. Planned Parenthood is a branch of the Democrat party. And consider that it was Democrat Terry McAuliffe, former Governor of Virginia, who pardoned Nathan Larson the current admitted pedophile running as an independent for Congress who served a prison term for threatening to assassinate the president. got it. Democrats just love sex abusers and those who hate President Trump. Oh...and they love even more the organizations that enable pedophiles, predators, and perverts. Why? Because they fill their campaign coffers with big bucks!

See more about Planned Parenthood's systematic support for sex abuse at Live Action.

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