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Friday, June 29, 2018

Draining the Swamp and Bringing the "Forgotten" Babies into the Light!

Donald Trump's election gives us a temporary reprieve from the evil conjured up by the Left. I pray for him every day. I believe God answered prayers by his election. I don't agree with all Trump's policies and I'd prefer he drop the vulgar language, but he is the man we've been given in these challenging times. And his blunt, in-your-face style terrifies the Left.

And what a blessing it is to hear the unborn defended at most of his rallies. When I watched the event in Fargo a few days ago, I was thrilled to hear Kevin Cramer, Republican candidate for Senate against Heidi Heitkamp, thank the president for standing for the hard-working citizens in "fly-over country." (You know, the people the Democrats call "deplorables," "Nazis," "intolerant," "hate-filled homophobes" etc. ad nauseum.) 

Drain the Swamp by Doug Giles
But I was even more thrilled when Cramer said this:"And on behalf of the most vulnerable, forgotten people, the unborn babies, thank you for standing for life. Thank you!"

President Trump isn't just the president for the born, but for little Americans in the womb. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

This touched me at the core, because I remember the days when pro-life politicians told us not to question them publicly about abortion because it was a "losing issue." We were advised to help them hide their pro-life leanings lest they lose votes by openly defending their littlest constituents. Virginia state senator Joe Gartlan was one of those politicians. During the '70s he spoke at many pro-life events defending the babies. Then, with finger in the wind, he betrayed the babies and his Catholic faith by switching to a rabidly pro-abort stand in line with his Democrat party's religion of human sacrifice. And he embraced the evil whole-heartedly!

When Gartlan died in 2008, I was appalled to see him eulogized as a pro-life hero in the Arlington Catholic Herald. It was a shameful and scandalous article. I wrote this in The Twilight Zone section of the Les Femmes Newsletter:
Judas Joe Gartlan
***Speaking of sudden deaths, former state senator Joe Gartlan died on July 18th following a brief illness. Gartlan (82) was eulogized in the Catholic Herald as a “pro-life Democrat” who worked for the “weakest members of society.” Fellow “Catholic” dem VA Gov. Tim Kaine, who supports contraception and same-sex marriage, called him “a true statesman.” Another liberal called him “an outstanding Catholic layperson and champion of the poorest among us.” Gartlan was a champion all right – of big government and the nanny state. As for being pro-life, Gartlan, like Jesse Jackson, Ted Kennedy, and other liberal democrats before him, traded his pro-life credentials for democratic ones. He fought for contraceptive/pro-abortion sex ed in the schools even voting against the right of local school districts to omit contraception from the curriculum.
Gartlan was a parent’s worst nightmare. He fought to defeat a parental rights amendment in VA saying if parents directed the education and upbringing of their children it would, "throw into a tailspin society's reasonable efforts to protect against abuse and neglect." [Another liberal who believed parents are the worst enemy of their own children.] He also voted against parental notification before a minor’s abortion, or when school officials suspect a child of drug or alcohol abuse, or when a child tested positive for the HIV/AIDS virus. Joe consistently voted to keep parents out of major decisions affecting their minor children’s health. He voted against parents having the right to preview sex ed materials and against locally-elected school boards which give parents more control. Gartlan endorsed radically pro-abortion Dems including Toddy Puller, his replacement, and Mark Warner who supports partial-birth infanticide. Pray for Joe; he was no friend of the family, but he cared deeply about the Chesapeake Bay.
President Trump has led us into a new era where politicians are proudly pro-life and take the argument into the marketplace. No more are the babies "forgotten." Pro-life politicians bring them into the light and defend them in their campaign speeches, in debates, at rallies, and with their votes.

President Trump brings his tiniest constituents into the light!
Please pray for Joe Gartlan. He was once a defender of life. I tremble to think of what he faced on Judgment Day if he did not repent. And pray for all those who faithfully stand for the weakest among us. The Democrats love to use children. But they are philosophical child abusers who cry crocodile tears for children at the border while they champion abortion and infanticide and pass legislation that undermines the intact family, the best defender of children.

May Donald Trump continue to send them into berserk mode, because every time they open their mouths they reveal just how evil they really are.

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M. Prodigal said...

I also pray for the protection of President Trump daily as we all must do~ there are many who want him dead and the "left" (intolerant bigots that they are!) are fomenting violence everywhere. It is boiling underneath the surface for the most part. Even our bishops, as a whole, are turning up the heat. When they approve or "wink" at the pro-abort politicians and invite them and side with them or do the same for homosexuals---they are NOT leading us to Christ nor are they faithful to their mandate. We must not follow them. Our president is more Christian, one might think, than many of them.