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Monday, June 25, 2018

Got Hate? They're Setting Us Up for Extermination!

This guy is calling anyone who voted for Trump a Nazi.
Add this to Peter Fonda's comments about killing members of the Trump family and his cabinet and all the other vile and violent statements -- the "comic" beheading of Trump and "murder" of him in Central Park's Julius Caesar, the shooting of Steve Scalilse at the ball field by a Bernie Sanders supporter, the statement of the Democrat political analyst advocating hunting and killing Republicans, the violent protests by liberals during the campaign. Can you imagine what it will be like in 2020?

Donald Deutsch tempts me to alter the spelling of a popular term for a contemptible person.
Insane and violent rhetoric is coming from the left from people, some of whom are sexual
predators and others who harass and attack anyone whose political position differs from theirs. The recent restaurant invasion going after Homeland Security head Kirstjen Nielsen was organized by the Democrat Socialist of America, i.e., Communists. The gal from the DOJ who participated should be fired. They call us Nazis but they are the ones who actually belong to groups that hate America and use the violent tactics of Nazis and Communists. They call MS 13 rapists and drug and sex traffickers people with the "spark of divinity." So I'm an evil Nazi, but an MS 13 gang member is a potential angel!

If you watch Tucker Carlson regularly, you can listen to liberals castigate not only Trump, but the voters who elected him. They defend MS13 and its abject evil! They defend those who shut down conservative viewpoints -- who riot, loot, and burn our cities. And they NEVER take responsibility for any of it. Some liberals actually blamed Steve Scalise for the brutal attack against him. Their language foments hate and kills innocent people. After all, if I'm a Nazi and a terrorist, then eliminating me is a virtue!

Pray for these folks. It's not just brains they lack; it's a conscience and moral decency. I think some of them are possessed. St. Michael the archangel, defend us in battle.


turkeyridge said...

Thank God for our Second Amendment! I pray for many more conversions to the REAL Catholic Church that exists mainly among Traditional Mass parishes. With the many young families and their "secret weapon" babies and small children, there is hope our Republic can be restored. The Leftist Totalitarian Utopians demand their father in hell's due, violence! The author of violence is the devil! Another civil war does loom, due to the Culture of Death and socialism. We can prepare for that while praying for peace in Christ's victory over this trouble, but ultimately for His ultimate victory when He comes for each and all of us!

Anna said...

I think you're on to something. If we put ourselves in the mindset of those after the French Revolution who asked themselves: "What the Hell just happened!?" We'll all be able to say that we saw it coming. Keep up the good work on your blog, ImI glad I found it.

M. Prodigal said...

The build up of hatred reminds me of what happened before the Rwanda genocide. None of this is by accident. I would bet that the "left" has something else of a bomb to drop on Trump before the November elections. Right now in my state we have candidates running whose only claim is that they are against Trump....and somehow that makes them able to rule?

This build up has happened before wars and the French revolution; it happens before people turn and murder their own kind. Already "we" kill our unborn and are working on same for the elderly; there is no respect for life. And now, if someone does not agree with the immoral political agendas, there is no tolerance and only the desire to put them out of business, to call them names, to shout them down and in many places this behavior is just at the boiling point of violence. Witness what the college students are like in many places. So many are immoral and depraved, not knowing history nor having any faith or respect for others. It is a dangerous set up.