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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Another Netflix Atrocity: Super Drag Queens

Netflix is bringing drag queen superheroes to life in ‘Super Drags’

If you're Catholic and still subscribing to NETFLIX you are supporting the perversion of children with this piece of trash and Big Mouth which masquerades as an "adult" cartoon. And then there's the glorification of suicide with the suicide revenge fantasy 13 Reasons Why.  Oh...and then there's the movie they stream that opens with child pornography. Did you know NETFLIX is under investigation for that? Distributing child porn just happens to be illegal.

And you're still a NETFLIX member -- why? 

1 comment:

Susan Matthiesen said...

Not to mention at .18, the Sacred Heart of Jesus with a crown (instead of fire) wings and butterflies and all the colors of the drag flag. For drag hags the crown represents LEADERSHIP IN THE COMMUNITY!!!