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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Jahi McMath and the Massacre of Truth

On June 22nd Jahi McMath went home to God. The adolescent who was declared dead in 2013 by a California coroner defied the phony assessment of her death. While in a coma and on a ventilator, she continued to live. She went through puberty, began menstruating, and continued to grow -- all after being declared legally dead. The reality is that she lived for five years with her faithful mother caring for her tenderly and never giving up on her. What an image of motherhood she gives us!

Rest in peace, sweet Jahi.

Today we see the massacre of truth everywhere, the promotion of a false "reality" including at the beginning and end of life.
  • Planned Parenthood tells us that a baby conceived doesn't exist. They redefine life's beginning as when the little one implants in the womb seven to ten days after conception. 
  • Doctors eager for unpaired human organs declare people "brain dead" so they can harvest them like vegetables. They even assign that insulting term to their patients.
  • Textbooks are being rewritten to eliminate the medical fact that there are only two sexes, male and female. The U.N. actively promotes this unscientific nonsense. They call textbooks "Tools for Social Change." In their "methodological guide" (published 2009) they write, "The aim of this guide is therefore to promote the use of textbooks as key tools for achieving international goals relating to Education for All, gender equality and education for human rights and peace." Is it any wonder kindergarteners are being sent home with "diversity bookbags" filled with gender-bending propaganda?
We live in times where the elites talk and talk and talk about being scientific in their thinking and treating religion as if it opposes science. But they deny basic scientific facts that even little children know, the difference between a boy and a girl. They are trying to erase that reality like the U.N. "guide" that tells us:
"The fact of being born male or female is, therefore, not sufficient in itself for a person to become a girl or a boy and, subsequently, a woman or a man within the social roles laid down by the society in which that person lives. For this to happen, a learning process must take place from the moment that he or she is born. The person will be confronted with expectations and requirements and also experience treatment, opportunities and events that will differ according to that person’s sex. This experience will enable the person to assimilate all characteristics and roles assigned to both genders. The daily learning process begins in the family and is continued by the institutions and members of society as a whole. The gendered constraints imposed by society are thus internalized as natural. As Simone de Beauvoir said, “One is not born a woman, one becomes one”2; similarly, one is not born a man but one becomes one."
If this sounds insane, it's because it is! And many people have embraced the insanity. An insane culture makes its people crazy!

Let's all pray for Jahi and her family, but pray even more for those who are turning out world into an X-rated virtual reality game where every individual becomes his own little tinpot god defining his own "reality." No matter that his own "truth" bangs up against facts! 

But consider...if everyone has "his own truth," there is no truth at all. A world without truth is a world in chaos! It is not only a very lonely place but a scary one as well. And it's one that leads people to mental illness and despair. The exploding rates of mental illness and suicide pay sad testimony to that reality. 

May each of us love others enough to speak the truth in charity! We may not only save lives, but souls.

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