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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Liars at the Vatican: Exposing Fr. Thomas Rosica as a Liar and Fraud!

Don't worry, Tommy, all will be well. We'll hold
a summit on the importance of good Catholic
media like your Salt and Light and the fishwrap.
I protect my friends. Just ask Donny.
In 2015, Fr. Thomas Rosica went after Canadian blogger David Domet  (Vox Cantoris) threatening a lawsuit because he didn't like the truth being exposed. What an avalanche of bad publicity for poor Fr. Rosica. The lawsuit threat soon disappeared, but Rosica remained at his post as papal advisor and media guru for English in the Vatican press office.

The more we learn about him, the more despicable this Vatican mouthpiece appears!

Rosica runs Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation based in Canada, but his salt is flat and his light is darkness. Let's look at a few fact about the fraud in a Roman collar from John Zmirak's article at The Stream.

Rosica is a left-winger...
...who wouldn't know a Catholic doctrine from an excerpt of Mein Kampf. When he drew up a list of "trusted" Catholic media sources he filled it with dissent sources like the fishwrap (National Catholic Reporter)! He also raised Pope Francis above scripture and tradition, a shocking and heretical statement. Pope Francis is a first all right, but in no way does he resemble the holy popes of history.
Rosica is a liar! 
Zmirak shares a story from the making of the lovely 2006 pro-life film, Bella. [Jason Jones, executive producer of Bella is the source.] Rosica wanted an interview and agreed to delay airing it until after the Toronto film festival since the film team feared politicizing the movie:
"We were driving to his studios when I got a phone call out of the blue. On the line was a 20-something employee at Salt and Light. She was crying. She told us that Father Rosica’s motives weren’t pure. That he didn’t like us or our film, and he intended to air our interview that very week. That would have been during the Festival, which then we’d be sure to lose. 
"I got off the phone, kind of skeptical. Would a priest really do something like that? Would a journalist break an embargo he’d promised to respect? I talked the question over with the other producers. At last we agreed. To be on the safe side, we would cancel the interview. 
"We turned the car around and I called Father Rosica. I told him that our schedule wouldn’t permit an interview after all. 
"He got violently angry, and shouted that he’d been counting on the interview to fill air time that same week. We’d left a hole in his broadcast schedule. 
"I was taken aback. I said, “Father, you promised us this interview wouldn’t air until after the Festival. That’s why we agreed to do it.” 
"Rosica got silent. He said something condescending and hung up the phone."
So much for the honesty and integrity of Rosica!

Rosica is a plagiarist! 

Rosica has stolen the work of others for almost 30 years. At first he tried to blame his plagiarism on sloppy note-taking and interns. (Isn't it nauseating how people like Rosica immediately blame their despicable behavior on others? We saw the same thing with Bishop Foys who blamed his calumny against the Covington students on "bullying." Makes you want to get out your violin doesn't it?)

But it turns out, plagiarism is Rosica's way of life -- and has been for decades -- long before he had interns. LifeSiteNews reporter, Dorothy McLean wrote this about Rosica's actions:
Last week Rosica admitted that he plagiarized, telling the National Post that he “relied too much on compiled notes.” He also said that he, in the words of the National Post article, “relied on material prepared by interns.”

“It could have been cut and paste,” he said.

But now instances of plagiarism have been found going back 28 years, well before he had interns, and even before cut and paste was widely available with the advent of the internet.

“The early date (1992) and academic nature of this heavily plagiarized work suggest that Fr. Rosica’s current problems cannot be chalked up simply to careless interns or accidentally copying & pasting text from online,” tweeted Mathew Block of one of Rosica’s essays this morning. “The pattern of plagiarism goes back decades,” he added.
Rosica is a man of the lie. He's a fraud who stole the work of others over and over and presented it as his own. He lacks honesty and integrity, but has made a career out of attacking faithful Catholics who defend Church teachings. Let us hope he slinks off under a rock never to be heard from again. But don't hold your breath. He's a friend of Francis and those folks can commit all kind of wickedness and still get promoted. Truth is not in high regard at the Vatican. Which is why we need to continue to pray without ceasing.

Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, pray for us.


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