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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: How Sick is Sick?

Motto of NAMBLA -- "Sex before
eight or else it's too late! 
Nabi sayeth: There is a sick, perverted and very dangerous movement that is subtly and deceptively gaining acceptance if not tacit approval by politicians, intellectuals, radical feminists, and yes, even the hierarchy of the Church. The movement is rooted in the concept known as pederasty, sexual activity between men and boys/teens. Adherents can be found in such groups as NAMBLA: The North American Men/Boy Love Association. Please note: By love, NAMBLA does not mean the kind of love for children to which Jesus calls His disciples in the Gospels. No, the sexual deviants understand child love as an erotic art form. As the result, boys/teens are seen and used simply as objects of sexual pleasure.

NAMBLA is attempting to join forces with the LGBTQ movement but even some members of the LGBTQ movement are repulsed by NAMBLA and its thinking. Others think that by aligning themselves with groups such as NAMBLA harm will be done to the LGBTQ movement.
What is at the root of it all? A philosophy that sees the human person and the GIFT of human sexuality not as a GIFT, as the Catholic Church teaches, but rather, as something material to be manipulated for one’s narcissistic pleasure.

Clergymen who were in high places such as Uncle Teddy MCCarrick, Donald Wuerl, Michael Bransfield and lower ranking clergymen such as Manny Gelido, Larry Dorsch, Pat Condron (a former clergyman), Pat Wash, Alan Eddington, Harry Cramer, Colombo Bandiera, Dean Borgmeyer, Chuck McCallister, Bob Park and many more (including some vicars) have all participated in the materialistic view of human sexuality.

Clergyman James Martin, a Jesuit and friend/assistant to Pope Francis wrote a book entitled “Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity.”

In his book, Martin dares to offer ideas and insights as to how the Catholic Church can change Her teaching on human sexuality to become TOLERANT and ACCEPTING of sexual materialism.
FORMER Bishop Bransfield supported this heretical thinking by not allowing to be printed in “his” Catholic Spirit the teaching of Popes Benedict and Francis which very clearly ordered that homosexuals were neither to be permitted to study for the priesthood nor to be ordained! This deliberate act of deception went over the heads of most very trusting Catholics in WV. But the Papal teaching is quite clear and unequivocal and not left open for discussion.

In addition, Bransfield covered up for those Lavender clergy who had been outed by the laity. He often transferred them around the diocese, especially to parishes with Catholic schools. And, he had the support of all the chancery My Lord’s in doing so: Fannie, Quirk, and Cincinnati. None of them can claim ignorance, none are exempt from guilt as they remained silent while predators were placed in Catholic schools. It’s sickening as to what climbing My Lords will do to make their way up the  ladder of ecclesiastical success! How sick!

More will be written about this “abomination of abominations” and more important, what YOU can do to assist Our Lord in cleaning up the mess. Stay tuned….

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Aqua said...

The *soldiers of perversity* have been successful, til now, because their opponents, we *soldiers of God* have been comfortably sitting on a hillside, chewing on a long stalk of grass, enjoying the sun and our peaceful thoughts, having little to say about the strange people polluting our peaceful views and solitude.

These strange, perverse people, though, keep bothering us on our peaceful little hillside abode, poking us in the eye and whacking our loved ones sitting nearby with a stick. Now ... they just dropped the stick and they're approaching our kids with a 2x4. The rumor is that the family down the way on the next hill lost their child to these freaks and just got their child back, bloodied, bruised, damaged. Now they are pointing guns at us, demanding we get off the hill, give them our kids. We must join their vile band or get bloodied if we refuse.

In other words. The element of surprise is gone. The element of "tolerance" is gone. We now know we are in for a fight. Let's see what ya got, freaks!