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Friday, December 27, 2019

Did You Hear about the "Great Christmas Blizzard?" Chicken Little Attributes it to Global Warming!

The "Great Blizzard of 1888"
ground traffic to a standstill in NYC.
Global warming really is alarming. All these extreme weather events that we've never seen before!

Yeah, right!

The unexpected blizzard of the headline happened after Christmas. It was an "extratropical cyclone blizzard winter story" and piled on a record snowfall in the northeast. New York City saw over 26 inches of snow in fewer than 24 hours when the white stuff fell at a rate of three inches an hour.  Seventy-seven people died, public transportation ground to a stop. Buses and cars were abandoned in the streets making them nearly impassable for emergency vehicles. Telephone and electric service was spotty due to downed power and phone lines.

What a mess!

It happened in 1947, a memorable event for the year only surpassed by my birth.

But guess what -- it wasn't unprecedented.

The storm was so bad it was compared to another "Great Blizzard" which occurred in 1888 and killed about 400 people in New York City.

Unusual weather events happen! They are nothing new and have gone on for millennia!

So the next time some celebrity like Jane Fonda or some little girl like Greta Thunberg starts lecturing you on "climate change" ask them if they ever heard of the Great Blizzards of 1888 and 1947 or all the other extreme weather events in history. Let them make a serious scientific case that CO2 from man's activities is to blame. Check out several of the severe weather events in history here and here.

Keep in mind that the U.S. only began officially recording weather in 1870, so the official data is limited. But there's nothing new about extreme weather. It's happened for eons: drought, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, etc.  Man can certainly have an impact on the environment. Think of the dust bowl in the 1930s due to bad farming practices. Today our pollution of the rivers with contraceptive drugs and fertilizers has resulted in male fish producing eggs! (Could it also be contributing to the feminization of boys?)

But nature is more responsible for extreme weather than man. Consider that "the year without a summer" in 1816 that devastated crops in the northeastern U.S. was caused by a volcanic eruption in Indonesia which caused gloom and doom from dust particles in the atmosphere.

So, of course, be a good steward of the earth, but don't listen to the modern prophets of doom. Global warming/ climate change is a hoax for making money. Follow the money remains a good adage for evaluating the truth of a subject and the money being paid to scientists to bolster the climate change meme is astronomical -- 150 BILLION during Obama's first term!

So go ahead -- be a proud climate change denier like I am and remember, scientists aren't immune from bribery and corruption. There's even a website called Retraction Watch about scientific fraud. Here's a list of scientific fraud events in 2018 which includes fabricating results, plagiarism, falsifying data, manipulating images, etc.

If you're a true scientist, you search for the truth. But often the truth doesn't pay and giving your sugar daddy (Uncle Sam) the results he wants does. Some scientists have prostituted themselves for the big bucks. Ben Stein pointed that out in his terrific documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. So read the climate change data with a skeptical eye. There is much evidence of faked results and doctored diagrams. Pray for honest scientists who are often expelled by their politically correct associates. And don't buy into hysteria -- it's irrational and silly.

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  1. I remember when, in the 1970s, a liberal woman who was a friend of my mother's, talked non-stop about global COOLING, the new ice age, etc. Then after The Population Bomb by Paul Erlich, we were all going to starve to death from a worldwide population explosion. This is the same pro-abortion Paul Erlich invited by Bergoglio to speak at the Vatican.

    Now it's global warming. They have been trying to scare people for 100 years to not have children, to go back to the time BEFORE the Garden of Eden...BEFORE God made man. Back to the pristine days of animals roaming the earth.