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Thursday, December 26, 2019

On the Feast of St. Stephen, Be Brave! Make a Decision to be a Warrior against the Culture of Death.

But be prepared for the persecution! You may lose your job; you probably won't lose your life. Be a man like the seven sons in Maccabees and a woman like their courageous mother. Let us fight for the faith and for the culture, walking in the footsteps of St. Stephen!

Fr. Tom Collins sent me this email the other day:

The video link below dramatically shows how courageously confronting the secularist “social justice” agenda can be quite effective. Sadly, this agenda still guides many powerful officials in the Vatican and the USCCB, as they become incrementally more adept at adapting to and adopting the secularist Culture of Desecration of Death.
Note, for example, that while many Church leaders “officially” oppose aborticide, they refuse to embrace any discipline against those promoting aborticide - even going so far as to insist that the Eucharistic Christ wills to ratify their agenda with His own Sacred Body and Precious Blood.

It is sad that those preparing for Confirmation are rarely presented with such an example of profile in courage.
Pray for deliverance!
Fr. Tom
Have you ever heard of Turning Point USA? They are growing Maccabees among the young. Praise God! Watch the video and rejoice. 

The video  made me laugh and wish I could give James O'Keefe a high five. I sent Project Veritas a Christmas donation instead. And I think I'll have a Mass said for James and his team. 

Five thousand young people heard this talk. How many does it take to turn around a culture? How many Maccabees fought the profaning of the temple by Antiochus IV and his army? They were the "guerrillas" of their day refusing to bend the knee to the tyrant. 

How many "rebels" fought the powerful English empire? You don't need to be a majority. Sometimes, as James O'Keefe shows, two people can destroy an evil organization. Just ask ACORN.


  1. I just watched the video. I plan to send it to my grandson who just turned 15. Kids his age need to know their commitment to truth and honor can make a difference.

    Read the little book, Revolution and Counter-Revolution to understand the broader picture. In whatever way you can, be part of that Counter Revolution.

  2. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but imagine if our church and bishops had not taken the other side's position. If only they had been a voice for courage and reason and logic!
    The culture is far gone, but the truth is powerful. Even JK Rowling has taken it up. She is so wealthy she can thumb her nose at the industry, but she has just thrown down the gauntlet by stating that there are only two sexes. What will Disney do now, when they make billions from Harry Potter.
    We should fight the culture war and never give up. It is a small thing we can offer God.

  3. Kathleen, I thought Harry Potter was owned by Disney, too, but evidently not yet. Here's an article from November 2019. BTW I'm NOT a fan of HP at all!