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Friday, December 6, 2019

Today is the Day the Exorcists Call on Us to Fast and Pray...

The smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary and
is billowing out to engulf the whole world!
...Are you joining the battle today to fight for the culture and make reparation for sins committed at the highest level of the Church?Here's the message from the exorcists with the prayers of reparation:

Make Reparation for Idol Worship at the Vatican

The attack isn't only in the Church; it's everywhere. Evening prayer yesterday brought the impeachment show trial to mind and the random violence taking place everywhere, not to mention natural disasters unleashed by the evil one:
How long will you all attack one man to break him down,
as though he were a tottering wall, or a tumbling fence? 
Their plan is only to destroy; they take pleasure in lies.
With their mouth they utter blessing but in their heart they curse. 
Do "devout" Catholics Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden come to mind?

When the leaders of the Church join the forces of evil, the pollution spreads like smoke billowing out to smother the whole world in evil. Do you smell the sulphur? The stench is a good reminder to listen to the rest of the psalm:
In God alone be at rest, my soul' form my hope comes from him.
He alone is my rock, my stronghold, my fortress: I stand firm.

In God is my safety and glory, the rock of my strength.
Take refuge in God, all you people. Trust him at all times.
Pour out your hearts before him for God is our refuge.
Please, make this a day of prayer and sacrifice for the the sanctification of our country and the whole world. If we refuse to bend the knee to our Creator willingly, we will, like the pharaoh in Egypt, be forced to bend it.  Let us give God honor, glory, and praise today in reparation for the idol worship during the Amazon synod. May His kingdom come.

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