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Friday, December 6, 2019

Guest Post: "We Must Risk Something for God." Hernando Cortez facing the Aztecs!

Human sacrifice at the Aztec temple
We live in an age every bit as bloody and diabolical as the Aztec Empire where tens of thousands of
captured enemies could be sacrificed to their demon-gods in one religious ceremony spanning a few days. Their pyramids, visible for miles, flowed with blood as they ripped the hearts out of their victims and rolled their bodies down the steep steps. 

Are we more "civilized" than the Aztecs? Does the fact that we sacrifice smaller victims who are often hidden from view make our demonic blood-letting more acceptable?


In fact, it may make our killing worse. The Aztecs sacrificed prisoners taken in war. That doesn't justify their brutal murders, but they were combatants. The murder of a tiny baby ripped from his mother's womb and harvested for his heart and other organs is even more diabolical.

Satan feasts most lustfully on the blood of the innocent.

Today we must act like Cortez and "risk something for God." What will it be? Your reputation? Your friends? Your relationships with family members? Will you choose something other than God and His Truth (the Word made flesh)? Or will you bind yourself to Our Lady under her many titles, especially Our Lady of Guadalupe as we approach her feast day next week?

I offer this article today from Fr. Paul Weinberger. As you make reparation for the sin of idolatry at the Vatican during the Amazon Synod, remember the Aztecs because the "Amazonian face" we're urged to put on and the "inculturation" we're urged to embrace continues to practice human sacrifice. It's an ugly truth that Pope Francis and his minions don't want you to acknowledge!


On December 12, 1519 Cortez led a small squad of soldiers to a nearby pyramid. It was very tall, over 5-6 stories high - 500 years ago. Cortez and his men took over the Aztec pyramid dedicated to the Aztec pagan god of the rain: Tlaloc. It is dangerous to run up a pyramid which is very tall. While the men from Spain were going up the pyramid the Aztecs at the top could shoot arrows at them or throw rocks and things down on them in order to hurt and kill them.

During this time Cortez spoke to his soldiers about the courage they all needed to have. They knew that it was a very dangerous situation - they could easily die. They were greatly outnumbered: just less than 1,000 men against over 20 million Aztecs.

Cortez told his men: "We must risk something for God."

At the top of the pyramid Cortez and his men ran off the Aztecs who were offering the human sacrifices there. The Franciscan Priests who came with Cortez cleaned up an area at the top of the pyramid and a NEW, Christian Altar was put there.

The demonic altar of sacrifice in a modern temple of Satan awaits its next victims
On top of the Altar was placed a Crucifix, a statue of Our Lady and a statue of Saint Christopher. You may recall that St. Christopher was known to have been a very tall man and a strong soldier who had served the devil. AFTER St. Christopher heard about Jesus he left the service of the devil and served Christ.

The Catholic Franciscan Priests offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the FIRST time at the top of an Aztec skyscraper. It was a tall, tall, tall pyramid in the Valley of Mexico. It could be seen from everywhere in Mexico City.

The Franciscan Priest offered the un-bloody and Perfect Sacrifice of Jesus which is the Holy Mass... the ONLY Sacrifice God the Father asks of us and for all people around the world. Jesus is the Son of God Who came to shine His LIGHT in the darkness of the Aztec Empire in the heart of the Americas.
Then, EXACTLY 12 years AFTER Cortez and his men attacked that pyramid and the FIRST Mass was offered there, God gave us the miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This is the ONLY time God left us the Image of His Mother Mary.

From 1519 until 1531, over those 12 years, there were 200,000 Baptisms recorded in Mexico. That is amazing. At that time only Priests could offer Baptism.

After God left us the Image of His Mother in 1531, over the next 15 years over 9 Million people from Mexico were baptized. That is a world record. NEVER in the history of the world have so many Baptisms occurred in such a short time and in one place.

Rev. PauL Weinberger, St. Monica Church, Dallas, TX  -- November 2, 2019

500 Years Ago, November 8, 1519, the Culture of LIFE and the Culture of Death met in North America.

Dr. Warren H. Carroll started Christendom College in 1977 . Dr. Carroll was a tremendous Church historian. In 1983, 10 years after Roe-v-Wade made abortion legal in the USA, Dr. Carroll published a book:
"Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Conquest of Darkness," just over 100 pages. It contains many endnotes and historical facts at the end of the book.

This book gives the historical context of Our Lady of Guadalupe's visit to North America in 1531. What follows on this page can BE found in his short book on Our Lady.

It has to be noted that the Aztec people lived in what is today known as Mexico, in North America. The Aztecs were very good at organizing 2 things: government and the use of their military troops - their army. Over 100 years before the men from Spain arrived in Mexico the Aztecs used their skill at organization and began to defeat their neighbors - the surrounding tribes of indigenous peoples.

For example the Aztec army was organized and attacked a local tribe who lived nearb.yAfter they conquered those neighbors they told them: " You can live and be Aztecs. If not we will kill you." Most of those tribes who were defeated chose to live and be Aztecs, even if it meant that they would now be slaves of the Aztecs.

Next the Aztec army would go to their next neighbors and do the same thing. They would defeat them in battle. Over many decades the Aztec Empire grew in size and population due to their great Aztec army and their skill in organizing everything.

On November 8, 1519 Cortez and Montezuma met in Mexico City for the FIRST time.

It was the Culture of LIFE meeting the Culture of death in the persons of these 2 men. On November 8, 1519 - 500 years ago - General Cortez with less than 1,000 soldiers entered Mexico City. At that time the Aztec Empire was located there in the Valley of Mexico and numbered 20 million people.
General Cortez represented the Catholic King and Queen of Spain. The King or Emperor of the Aztec Empire was Montezuma. That same day Cortez took Montezuma as his prisoner. The men from Spain began to live in Mexico City. For six weeks they lived in a palace which Montezuma provided for them. And Cortez began to consider the next step.

The Aztecs built their many pyramids with slave labor - the people who were conquered. And for over 100 years the Aztecs ordered that human victims be killed on top of these pyramids as part of their Aztec religion. The Aztecs believed that if the human sacrifices were completed on a regular basis the sun in the sky would NOT go out. The sun would continue to shine over the earth.


  1. Cortez and the conquisators paved the way for Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  2. I owe her for my return to the Church and there was urgency because of rowe vs wade. I was one of only 6 at the infamous aaron clinic in south dallas against such barbarity. There has been so little resistance to abortion in russia,then spreading over the world to china's misogynistic continuing slaughter of women,children and all they deem useless,including the elderly. The Woman has certainly been chased to continue Satan's wrath against Rachel and her children. And the anguish of brutal forced rapes and abortions of even children even now in Cuba! The horror of civilization and the Church turning away, and continuing with selling its soul for money and power is brought again to the light which shines squarely on its demonic nature. Those ensnared now are anguished in mind,body,and spirit. And the Sacramental means of forgiveness and healing for our women now under a devilish onslaught from within the Church itself! God help us! The Jezebels glamorizing such bloody murder are the great 'whore of babylon' and are aligned with the misogynist demonic forces terrified of Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother. We need to repent and be willing to lose anything and everything for the blessing of the life of each child. I am sickened by any 'Christian' who can defend,support and vote for anyone or any group that in any way is willing to further the murder of innocents. Unless one repents of this and does reparation then one's soul is in grave danger. The damage in my own family, Church and community from this has gone on for generations! Bishops,lead, follow or get out of the way! Choose this day whom you serve: Jesus Christ, Savior,King of the Universe, His Church,His people and as it says above His thorn-crowned head, King of the Jews OR the satanic system.