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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Insanity at the Vatican: Will It Ever End?

Big papal smile for Greta; nothing but frowns
and scolds for "proselytizing" faithful.
....Not during this pontificate it seems.

One can only sigh and think of Job. "What did we do to deserve this, Lord?" And then remember our sins and recall that suffering can sanctify.  "Offer it up for the poor souls in Purgatory!" as my mom regularly advised us to do while my nine siblings and I were growing up. It remains good advice.

Suffering is good for the soul. Remember the spiritual work of mercy, to bear wrongs patiently...and, of course, to unite them to the cross of Christ.

But please, Pope Francis, -- praising Greta for being TIME's "person of the year?" And saying she is a "great witness" to Church teaching on the environment? This all sounds like an article from the Babylon Bee satire site!

Vatican calls Greta Thunberg ‘great witness’ of Church’s environmental teaching

From my perspective, Greta is a pawn -- first of her parents, a former opera singer mom and an actor dad, who appear to be long-time liberal environmental activists living through their daughter like backstage parents with their kiddie beauty queen. 

Really...Greta is the Jonbenet of climate change. 

Second, she's a pawn of the global warming hucksters (remember this a TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY) who love to use children for their least the ones who haven't been aborted to save the trees from evil humans. 

Greta's fame began with a school strike in 2018 that garnered plenty of publicity and a following. (Hey, what kid doesn't like an excuse to skip school?) The school boycott seems fitting since her generation is probably the most ignorant in history. I wonder if Greta ever heard of 18th century Thomas Malthus with his doom and gloom prophecies or Paul Ehrlich who predicted we'd starve to death several decades ago or even Al Gore who warned that melting ice bergs would inundate the east coast by now. 

Get a grip, Greta! And stop listening to Chicken Little! Listen to this instead!

Yes, we need to be good stewards of the earth; no we are not about to die because of carbon emissions.

Keep in mind that Greta has a history of depression, severe eating disorders, and Aspergers Syndrome. What will happen to this poor child when her 15 minutes of fame are over? Will she crash and burn like Betty Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Pray for this poor little girl who's bought into the nonsense that the world will end in twelve years. 

It may. 

But if it does, I predict it won't be because of climate disaster, but moral disaster. Read Our Lady's messages from Fatima and Akita. 

I expect my prophecy is as accurate as the ones offered up by Thomas Malthus, Paul Ehrlich, and Greta.

Now back to the Vatican. (I know you've been waiting eagerly.)

The gushing over Greta is stupid, but there are worse things than stupid!

Since his election, Francis has been stacking the college of cardinals with men who think like he does. Examine his closest allies and you find homosexualists (if not active homosexuals), radical dissenters, syncretists, one-world globalists, etc. Francis fires and disparages men who defend the faith (like Cardinal Mueller) and advances those who undermine the faith like our own U.S. cardinals Cupich and Farrell, among the worst in this country! And who can forget Fr. James Martin?

The pope recently appointed Cardinal Archbishop of Manila, Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle to the position of Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples (Propaganda Fide). That position is so important it is called the "red pope." According to LifeSiteNews, Francis may be grooming Tagle as his successor. In view of his unorthodox positions on LGBTQ issues as well as Communion for those in irregular unions, and a number of other troubling issues this is another bad sign. 

And then there are the "friends of Francis" who continue to drop bombshells. Obviously, Francis has a heart for the German bishop dissenters. He gave them the lead in the shameful Amazon Synod. 

Cardinal Kasper (Remember that liar and how he attempted to destroy Edward Pentin's reputation?) recently made headlines for reportedly saying that Pope Francis wants to “change” the Church by “opening the door to women” at the altar. He also said, “Francis is convinced that the Holy Spirit has called on him to change or, in other words, renew the Church. He is working on that.... The Pope is quite serene, because he has a great interior self-confidence, an interior compass: the strength of the Spirit...[and is convinced] that the Spirit has called him to change, or in other words, to renew the Church. That is what he is doing.” 

Well, some of us might use a word other than "renew" because the pope looks more like a guy in a hard hat working a wrecking ball. As for the spirit...well...we saw plenty of spirits at the Amazon Synod, but none of them resembled the Holy Spirit. 

No worries, I'm on it. We'll have women at the altar in no time?
Did you notice how I welcomed Pachamama to the Mass at St. Peter's?
If all this raises your hackles, I'm with you. 

So what are we going to do about it? 

Fight for sure! Close up your wallet and pocket book! Pray, hope, fast and do penance, and don't worry. But don't forget to pick up five smooth stones for your pouch and your slingshot. Goliath is in the Church along with the army of Philistines doing their darnedest to knock down the Church. They can't, of course, but they are sure giving it the old college (of cardinals) try. Pray in atonement for deliverance from this pope and his cronies. 


  1. Stephen Moore wrote an excellent book on the environment titled Fueling Freedom that I highly recommend. I believe the tree hugging carbon haters get away with saying what they do because 99% of us are not well informed enough to rebut their bull____.

    Fueling Freedom is clear and simple enough for a 7th grader to read and understand. It drives home the point that putting carbon to work has been a tremendous benefit to all of mankind. AND, it is harmless to humans.

    Grandparents and parents would do well to read it aloud with their kids and grandkids so they are not brainwashed into being Greta freaks.

    As far as the pope goes, his agenda is anticapitalist Liberation Theology and to that end he will say or do whatever it takes.

  2. "But if it does, I predict it won't be because of climate disaster, but moral disaster"...

    I agree.
    Also sometimes we get the Pope we deserve

  3. Only when Bergoglio is dead will all the gobbledegook cease coming out of his mouth!

  4. "But don't forget to pick up five* smooth stones for your pouch and your slingshot."

    Holy Virgin's favorite pebble
    Dear Mary Ann, you are calling us to prepare pebbles and a slingshot. Do you know that Our Lady Virgin Mary is fluent in slingshot?
    She proved it in Leon, Spain by appearing on July 2, 1505 to a shepherd Alvar Simón Fernández. Quote according to (an algorytmic translation):
    "The shepherd was surprised - he continues saying the relationship that we follow -, seeing in front of him such a great Queen, surrounded by clear glares, and more when he heard the same Lady speak to him, saying:" Go to the city , tell the bishop come to this place and put in a decent place this my image, which my Son wanted to appear in this place, for the good of this land. "To which the shepherd replied:" Madam, how will they believe that you are the One who sends me? "And the Virgin said:" Give me that sling you have in your hand. "And, taking it in her, the Sovereign Lady took a small stone, placed it in the sling and threw it saying: "Tell the bishop that you will find this stone so large, that it will be a sufficient sign that I send you, and in it in which you will find the stone." Quote end. What the great stone looked like, the narrator did not describe. It had to be a miracle, since the bishop was convinced and ordered to build a hermitage. Later, the magnificent sanctuary of Virgen del Camino (Our Lady of the Way) was established.
    Are field stones growing*? No, so it's a person, someone like Peter-the Rock. The statuette worshiped in this sanctuary is Pietà, the Holy Virgin with the dead Head of the Church, Jesus Christ. And yet the pebble shot from the slingshot grew up and a new Marian church was built on it. So who is this? His antitype is the Alvar Simón Fernández, meaning 'Shepherd Twin Warrior (of King David) Hearing (Virgin Mary's voice) Tireless Wanderer'. The Blessed Virgin tirelessly wanders for centuries fighting for the salvation of her children, David's most worthy daughter, terrible as armed hosts. The Bride listening to the voice of her bridegroom, this Son-Man whom She gave birth in the last hour of the Church of Christ, that he would bring her elect children into the Kingdom of God. Who is this? The second Comforter, Paraclete. The history of human salvation has gone so far!
    Dec. 14, 2019, commeration of Saint John of the Cross

    *The scene with a slingshot happened on a green pasture, not in a cave or volcano, so we exclude stalagmites and magma.
    **One pebble was enough for David, just like the Holy Virgin, to erect a new church in the wilderness, out of town.

  5. I now wish I had saved the name of the recent statistics expert who easily refuted climate change data by showing that the methodologies for their numbers are manipulated.
    How do they do this?
    They manipulate the dates thus.
    Let's say they want to show warming over time. They find a period of time when warming happened, and cite dates around that warming period to show warming. If you looked at the bigger picture, you would see how the numbers are totally manipulated. They can do this either way, warming or cooling, or whatever. They cherry pick their data and dates. Once you see it, you can't unsee it or forget they do it.
    The co-founder of the Weather Channel schooled a CNN host about three years ago. He told him all this was political nonsense used by people for control, and that if you didn't buy into man made climate change you got no money for research, so you had to buy into it.

    And Greta will burn out, poor kid. She's being badly used, and is obviously emotionally fragile and distraught. How cruel to use her in such a way. Her parents should be charged.
    She has nothing original to say, and on her own says little. This is not likely to end well for her. That people applaud her shows how dumb human beings can be. And how poorly informed and poor in critical thinking the masses are used today.

  6. What did we do to deserve this pontificat?

    This is not an idle question.

    We failed to read and put into practice Canon 41, because no one on earth has the right to interpret the Act of Renunciation. If it was not the act specified in canon 332 §2, then in accord with canon 41 we must not act as if it was.

  7. Greta is a product of sixty years of social engineering:

    December 14, 2019
    (What the hell is going on here????????????LOOK AT NUMBER 12?????????

  9. Yes antipope bergoglio is the false prophet and 2nd beast of Revelation 13, he is not worthy to be called Francis and even Saint Francis warned us of him as a destroyer of our Catholic Church. We are in Revelation