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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Title of this post is: I TOLD YOU SO...but no one listened

                                                 Question: Why do Catholics continue to vote for this filth? 
                                                 Answer: Because their priests and bishops vote for this filth.
                                                 Question: Why do Catholic priests and bishops vote for this filth?
                                                 Answer: Because the majority of Catholic priests and bishops are Leftists.
                                                                Leftists always vote for Democrats. 
                                                                The Democratic Party has fallen into great evil.
                                                                Voting for evil makes a person acquiescent with filth.
                                                 Question: How can they be so ignorant?
                                                 Answer: Because most of them are homosexuals therefore do not know Christ.


  1. Since 2008 I have been publishing the message: it is a mortal sin for a catholic with a well-formed conscience to vote for any democrat at any level of government. With their push to extend the court-created right to abortion to the right to infanticide, and have all of us pay for the murders, is just further proof of what was true years ago. All those years, the bishops - almost everyone of whom we now know is/was an active homosexual, a homosexual predator, a sodorapist, a shuttler of them around the USA, and/or an enabler of them - to the tune of probably $8,000,000,000 of our dollars- they said things like"not single issue voters," "seamless garment," "proportionate reasons," and the faithful heard "It is an act of virtue to vote for democrats."

    The homoarchs in their bishoprics can no longer say those things; but do they slink away to their dens and beachhouses? Nope-the latest is that they are coming out [pun intended] and saying - I am not making this up - You cannot vote for a republican because . . . . . [fill in 'climate,' 'immigration,' 'capitalism,' even 'homophobia.']. Implicit message: you can and should vote for the virtuous democrats, even if they want to celebrate baby murder and the joy of anal sex.

    Strong message to follow.

    Guy, Texas

  2. You can see for yourself that Rome has lost its Catholic faith. Unbelief overwhelmed most (if not all) of the hierarchy. Do you understand now why Rome must be destroyed to the bare ground? Read the 3rd Secret of Fatima in its original form: