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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Signs in the Heavens and Our Lady's Intercession

Mary will never abandon us!
I've been reading a lot about the Aztec empire and Our Lady of Guadalupe this past week as her feast day approaches. It seems to me that we are living in similar times. The evil, bloodthirsty empire in this country rivals the Aztecs. We have our own knife-wielding priests and priestesses who engage in human sacrifice on a scale never before seen in the history of the world. Their temples are adorned with the logo of Planned Parenthood; their holy of holies is the abortion chamber with its suction machine, sterilized curettes, and the altar of sacrifice where victims are ripped from their mothers' wombs.

We live in a time that the blood of the innocent cries out to heaven! Come, Lord Jesus, save your little ones!

Once before Our Lady came to this continent and converted a people committed to pagan practices. We know about her apparitions to Juan Diego, but Mary was active in Mexico decades before that. She had to be! How could a few thousand Spaniards defeat an empire of tens of millions? I have no doubt Mary was interceding and urging her Son to give signs from heaven that convinced Montezuma his nation would crumble. How else could the small Spanish force, even if they were willing to "risk something for God," defeat the demonic empire of millions with many trained warriors?

Carlos Caso-Rosendi describes the omens in the skies before Cortez landed:
Three comets crossed the night sky of Mexico before the arrival of the expeditionary force led by Hernán Cortés. That was interpreted as a bad omen by Moctezuma and his court. Moctezuma’s sister, the Princess Papantzin the wife of the ruler of a neighboring kingdom, became a widow and returned to her brother’s palace. She died soon after and was buried in an underground chamber in the king’s garden. Her tomb was covered by a heavy stone. Only three days after her burial, Papantzin was found alive wandering around the garden. Later, she referred to her brother a strange vision she had while she was apparently dead. A man with yellow hair, dressed in white and carrying two sticks nailed together (a cross) took her to the middle of a very wide river. On one side of the river there were skulls and bones yelling and crying. Those were the remains of the victims of human sacrifice. On the opposite side of the river, pale men dressed in black were building huge canoes meant to cross the wide river. They were the gods soon to visit Mexico to bring the Moctezuma dynasty to an end.
You know how that prophetic dream came to pass. When the comets came, Moctezuma knew that the Heavens were against him and his time on the throne of Quetzalcoatl was about to be cut short. The divine appointment [מוֹעֵד , moed] took place on Good Friday, 1519 and it was of course the full moon of Nisan 14 what marked the beginning of the end of one of the bloodiest empires in history. The Spaniards were dressed in black, as it was their custom on Good Friday, when they celebrated Mass on the beach after landing. Thus the three comets that crossed the sky of Mexico in the 1500’s announced the end of those beastly human sacrifices and heralded the new era of Mexico as a Christian nation.
 Princess Papantzin became one of the first converts of the Spanish missionaries. She was baptized in 1524, seven years before Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego, and lived a long and holy life.

Interestingly, Caso Rosendi points out in his article that we are going to be experiencing an unusual heavenly phenomena with Borisov's Comet which will be closest to the sun today, December 8th, the feast of the Immaculate Conception (although the feast will actually be celebrated on Monday this year since it falls on a Sunday) and will be closest to the the earth on the 28th, the feast of the Holy Innocents. Are these events telling us something? Are they harbingers warning the death peddlers that the end of the bloodiest reign of terror the world has ever known, with a fatality rate that dwarfs all the wars in history combined, is nearing its end? Read Matthew 24:3-31 and tremble. If Sr Agnes Sasagawa is correct and the terrifying predictions of Akita are upon us, we must prepare with prayer and sacrifice but also with confidence and hope. Mary never abandons her faithful children!