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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

And this is the evil organization the pope tells us to obey! NO WAY!

U.N. Pushing Anti-Life Agenda Again at Nairobi Summit

Accelerating the promise? To kill babies in the Third World to save the planet from climate change?
I'll summarize in case you don't want to read the entire article.

Pro-life activists say the summit (November 12-14) was "rigged to push through radical anti-life and anti-family language that threatens the lives of unborn babies, the dignity of the family, and their traditional culture."

That's no surprise since the U.N. has been doing that pretty much forever. I remember the horrors of Cairo and Nairobi is a celebration of the 25th anniversary. Does the leopard change his spots? Cairo failed because of Pope St. John Paul II who opposed it and helped unite various religious countries and NGO's (non-government organizations) to oppose the agenda. Cairo was an example of true ecumenism in the best sense when Christians and Muslims worked together to defeat the U.N. attack on the weakest member of the human family, the unborn child.

U.N. organizers sure weren't going to risk that again, so they devised a systematic plan to exclude those countries that are obstacles. (Actually, it reminds me of planning for the Amazon synod):
Pro-life observers noted that consultation and the planning process for the Nairobi congress was characterized by secrecy and selectivity. According to a statement put out by HLI’s African affiliates, the Nairobi conference “was tainted from the start by dishonesty, deceit and total disrespect for African nations’ sovereignty and cultural values, as organizers blocked all pro-life, pro-family individuals and organizations from online registration and attendance.”
At the same time, however, organizers made it quite clear what their real agenda was. The organizers listed five “themes” for the conference. The first theme reads: “Universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights as a part of universal health coverage.” The fifth theme reads: “Upholding the right to sexual and reproductive health care even in humanitarian and fragile contexts.” 
Anyone who’s been around the UN long enough knows exactly what those two themes really mean. As pro-life population expert Stephen Mosher translates, the first means, “Every country should be forced to offer free abortions on demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy.” The second means, “The poor, especially refugees, should be targeted in population control efforts.”
Despite Pope Francis' telling us we should "obey the U.N." the Vatican refused to participate in the conference, thank God.

The U.S. and ten other countries (Brazil, Belarus, Egypt, Haiti, Hungary, Libya, Poland, Senegal, St. Lucia, and Uganda)  signed a joint statement saying the Nairobi conference was not legitimate due to the deliberate exclusion of various pro-life countries and representatives. They wrote:
[O]utcomes from this Summit are not intergovernmentally negotiated, nor are they the result of a consensus process. As a result, they should not be considered normative, nor should they appear in future documents as intergovernmentally-agreed language.
The U.N. is an elitist, racist neocolonial monolith that pushes an anti-life, anti-family agenda at every opportunity. African pro-lifers had this to say about U.N. dishonesty according to Human Life International:
The African pro-lifers lambasted the foreign entities who “spend billions of dollars to impose their Western ideology,” and affirmed that “we reject such colonization and furthermore recognize that we have our own values, which are the foundation of our future.” They also pledged to “remain committed to promote, protect and defend life, our families and our values and to live by our faith in God.”
 And this is the organization Pope Francis says we "should obey?" He continues to squander any respect the faithful might have for his authority. No, Holy Father, we will not "obey the U.N."