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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

My Catholic endocrinologist is giving me pills to turn me into a liberal!

Marty Feldman's bulging
eyes were the result of
Graves Disease.
Today I went for my annual post-Graves Disease checkup...and the doctor wants me to be a liberal! I suspect my new pill prescription is linked to that end.

Graves Disease, named after Sir Robert Graves in the early 19th century, is a disease of the thyroid gland which in turn affects every cell in the body. Years ago at age 34 I got a raging case of Graves Disease which was diagnosed by a close friend who was a dermatologist and my "race track buddy". He sent me to the hospital for blood tests and neck X-rays where a doctor there commented that I was very very sick and that this was "not good for someone who is 34 years old." I burst into tears thinking I was going to die and leave my children orphans.

But then a week later with test results in hand my friend the dermatologist told me, "I have good news and bad news." I asked for the bad news first, then the good. He said, "The bad news is that you have a very severe, off the charts, case of Graves Disease. The good news is that you will be just fine. This is completely treatable." (This disease was a large factor in my conversion to the Catholic Church. Today I thank God for having loved me enough to send it as my Great Wake Up Call.)

Not to bore you with the decades of ups and downs with this disease (THEN wailing: "I don't want to look like Marty Feldman!!!" NOW: Thank You, God, that my eyes healed and I didn't end up looking like Mary Feldman), please know that after having the most brilliant Jewish Endocrinologist in Northern Virginia - a pure genius - and another pure genius for a surgeon who operated on me (sub-total thyroidectomy) that I was, exactly as my dermatologist friend had said, just fine. 

However, for the rest of my life I have to have an annual blood draw to make sure the thyroid levels remain in normal range. For years I've been on Synthroid which is not a generic but the more expensive thyroid hormone pill. I tried the generic years ago but for some reason - apparently the chemical makeup - it seemed not to work as well. 

But...! Today, after asking several questions about the difference between Synthroid and Levothyroxine, my current endocrinologist - a strange woman (have been through several endocrinologists since moving to Florida 20 years ago) and a CATHOLIC, convinced me to try the generic, Levothyroxine. The difference in price is astronomical so I acquiesced. 

When I asked the difference in the chemical makeup of the two pills the doctor replied that the actual thyroid hormone is the same. But I dug further saying, "No, not that. What is it that holds the hormone together in the pill...the substance of the pill not counting the hormone? What's its chemical makeup?"

She said that she wasn't sure of the actual substance but that when put in a beaker (under some sort of test) "Levothyroxine turns left." Knowing that the pill affects the brain I was immediately alarmed and jokingly said, "What? It will turn my brain to the left and make me into a liberal?" 

With a blisteringly scathing look she turned to me and said. "No (stupid). In the beaker the substance turns to the left." (Whatever that means.)

Then she looked at me square in the eyes and said, "But that would be good."

For a split second I couldn't believe she had said that but then told myself of course she would. She's a liberal. That's what liberals do, especially today. Since President Trump's victory over Hillary liberals have become aggressively vicious.

So I made her admit it.

I said, "What? You think it would be good if I turned into a liberal?"

"Yes." And another withering look.

When I laughed and told her that would never happen she continued to stare at me. Sighing, I made a deal with her. "OK. I'll take Levothyroxine but I don't want to wait a year before another blood draw. In a few months you have to check the levels and how I'm doing on the new pills" ...(and we'll just see if I'm a liberal by then).

So I return in three months. But the moral of this story is that the suggestion that one should be a liberal is everywhere these days. Even in your doctor's office. ESPECIALLY in your doctor's office. That's where they want us to unwittingly sign all sorts of "end of life" documents. They want to "get rid of" us. They want us all to die so they won't have to kill as many people "when the time comes". 

It's probably why the Left likes Islam so much. Their battle cry is the same: Convert or die.


  1. I agree, Susan. The Dr.'s office and the hospital are the battleground today. It's where the talk stops and the rubber meets the road. We are in their hands and may not come out alive if we aren't careful.

    Now that all records are on computers, there's no where to run and no way to hide. I am leary of saying the slightest thing to a Dr. in jest because I fear how they will translate that in med jargon and how it will effect my care in future.

    If I were you, I'd be looking for another doctor NOW!

  2. Have no fear. I’ve taken Levothyroxine for 20 years and I guarantee it will not make you a liberal! Quite the opposite. I’ve grown more conservative over the years.

  3. Doctors have, somehow, become our American Society's moral compass. Its really pretty sad. The doctor can tell you if you can skip church on Sunday. The doctor can tell you if its OK stop fasting during Lent or Advent. The doctor can tell you when its OK to "pull the plug" on grandpa. The doctor can tell you when the fetus is a unique living being and when it is a mass of flesh.

    So sad...

  4. Yes, thank you. I do plan on finding a new doctor.

  5. D and L are molecular orientations(Chemical terms... Optical isomers). Basically the D form and L form of the same molecule are mirror images of each other. As a former chemical engineer and now a Catholic priest, I worked for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and we had to make different oriented molecules. I believe most L oriented molecules can be absorbed by the body such as the amino acid L-Tryptophan(found in bananas and turkey). Most D oriented molecules will pass through the body's digestive system because they are not properly oriented to bond with the proper molecule.

  6. Better yet, read this to understand how Physicians are on the first line for social change agent recruitment.

    New Order of Barbarians is the recollections of Dr Lawrence Dunegan of a lecture attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society given by Dr Richard Day claiming inside knowledge of trends of the new world order program to take control of humanity.