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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

As a Trinity Survivor, I'm Warning Parents! Be Careful of So-Called "Catholic" Colleges!

....and Catholic schools at ALL LEVELS that scandalize your children.

I graduated from Trinity in 1968 and walked out the church door a few months later. Fortunately, my insanity didn't last long. (I credit my youthful devotion to Our Lady and my good Catholic upbringing for that!) When I got engaged in 1969, my future husband and I faced the serious question of how to raise our childen. Obviously, we couldn't do that on our own, sinful humans as we are. We knew our limits! So we went to confession, back to church, and embraced the faith with gusto with all its difficult and challenging truths!

If you want your children to have Catholic values and you can't find a school that won't pervert them -- then home school! If you can't do that, then fight the school over every evil program and let your children see it so they know the difference between the truth and the lie.

That's what I did when our sons attended Bishop Ireton in Alexandria. When the school invited pro-abortion Alexandria mayor James Moran to receive a check for the local PRIVATE homeless shelter (a publicity stunt), I first tried to get the principal to un-invite him. IT WAS NOT A CITY SHELTER! In fact, if I recall correctly, it wasn't even located in the city; but was in Fairfax County. When the principal refused, I organized a group to hand out letters to parents attending the Mass. Some thanked us for being there. Others crumpled up the letters and threw them at us. I wonder where their children are today!
Main Hall where I lived my Freshman
and Sophomore years.

Nancy Pelosi's conscience isn't quite dead! If it were, she wouldn't have gone ballistic over the reporter's question about hating Trump. I'm having a Mass said for her. There is something especially pernicious about someone claiming to be a "devout Catholic" who defies Church teachings about sins that cry to heaven for vengeance. She can hardly hope to escape the millstone if she doesn't repent. And I really don't want anyone to go to hell. Please pray for her and if you can spare the Mass stipend during this season, it will be a real act of charitable almsgiving!

As for Trinity -- they actually did me a favor. One of the reasons I fought with my kids' "Catholic" schools (St. Mary's Academy, now closed, had its own problems.) was my experience at Trinity. One of the reasons I think our kids are still Catholic today is the fact that we warned them saying, "Just because someone is wearing a roman collar or a religious habit doesn't mean they're telling you the truth!"

We are all called to fight for the truth. Sometimes that means exposing the frauds and liars who call themselves Catholics -- and that includes the frauds and liars in the hierarchy. Sad to say, there are many -- sometimes including Peter himself.

As for Trinity. Here are some of posts that mention the school from the numerous articles on the Les Femmes blog. If you want more, do a blog search on "Trinity College."

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  1. "If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don't like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself." - St. Augustine

  2. They are really better off at a conservative Christian or secular private school - no corrupted messages coming out of the mouths of nuns and priests. A fake Catholic School is infinitely more damaging than a real secular school. Which makes me think: we have been subjected to a lot of fakeness for the last fifty years, haven't we?
    You are right about preparing your children for the disinformation campaign, forewarned is forearmed.

  3. I wonder what the number would be if we counted all the Catholic schools destroyed by nuns and priests over the last 50 years? Trinity is now sadly a joke. They now gouge poor women for degrees they will never use as they cannot read and write. Social justice? I don't think so.