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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Articles worth reading and pondering on!

A few for celebration!
Texas doctor successfully treats 39 patients in senior home with hydroxychloroquine with zero side effects
Trump Halts Funding of WHO! Cutting the money to this evil organization rates cheers!
Democrat Vernon Jones Endorses Trump! And he's from a solid blue district. Democrats with integrity are scarcer than hens' teeth! Jones seems to be one.
 U.S. Bishops Cancel Spring Assembly over the Virus Well that's good news. The damage they can do will be at least be delayed for awhile!
And a few to think about!
Will Catholics Return to Mass? Sad to say, the answer is probably that many will not. Since most don't believe in the Real Presence, why should they? 
Was Cardinal Pell's Conviction Linked to Vatican Corruption?  Very plausible in view of the number of evil men in miters.
Fear and Freedom are Always Enemies! How many Virginians today have the spirit of Patrick Henry? Would they choose liberty or a sense of false security?


  1. How true. I was just saying to my family last night at dinner,"Whatever happened to 'Give me liberty or give me death.'"?

  2. “Will Catholics Return To Mass?”

    I know this view is likely controversial, but in regards to the Vatican II created New Order of Mass ... I hope catholics do not return to this weak and possibly heretical Mass (formulas changed, prayers removed, Priestly actions altered, Lay participation in Priestly ceremony, unconsecrated hands etc). I hope Catholics see how disconnected from Catholic patrimony the New Order is and stop going. I hope its Branch is pruned from the Vine of Christ. I hope Vatican II and all its subsequent Constitutions are either removed entirely or severely edited to ensure only those in full, complete continuity with the Faith remain in our spiritual bloodstream. I hope the Gardener prunes the sinful Branches growing from His Vine so that life only flows to orthodox dogmatic truth, most fully expressed in the Traditional Holy Latin Mass.

    We can’t define heresy, officially. But we are required to recognize it wherever it may be found and resist and reject it, overthrow it if possible, guard our own souls from it.

    May a true Catholic revival occur under the one, true Pope; all the “clans” united in Christ in an hierarchy worthy of the name, participants in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the same now as it ever was and will be.

  3. Bergoglio and the bishops are missing their money so now want to reopen churches. Well, my local parish will still be missing my money because I'll be sending donations to St John Cantius and the Canons Regular in Chicago. My eyes have been opened.

  4. Aqua - So reluctant to change! Going back to 1962 is not the answer. Although the shaking of hands during Mass is long gone in the post coronavirus Church, so is Communion on the tongue. The Roman Catholic Church will adapt as it always has to a changing world. Inquisition, Reformation, Vatican I and II, and the coronavirus will all be footnotes to the rubrics of Holy Mother Church. ' All things pass away.. God never changes' Saint Teresa of Avila

  5. No, Unknown, Communion in the hand cannot be mandated, nor is it safer than Communion on the tongue. Have you been paying attention to all the advisories about washing hands and cleaning surfaces that are frequently TOUCHED? The TLM will never offer Communion in the hand, so those Masses are guaranteed to continue with Communion on the tongue. As for the others, the COMMUNICANT DECIDES and under canon law may not be refused. But what may change is that many people do, in fact, go back to 1962 practice of the faith. I certainly would if the FSSP opened a parish in my area. How I love to use my old beat up, taped together Roman Missal, a gift from my parents on my 9th birthday in 1956 with an inscription by my dear mother.

  6. Amen, amen, I say again, amen, Mary Ann. We MUST be fed like sheep, on the tongue.

    I think before this phony pandemic, it was arguable to say "we can't go back to pre 1962", but with the "fasting" of the church from heretics and abuse in this time of shutdown how many will be ready to swiftly return to the banquet of poisin and lies?

    Like you, I would rush to a Latin church if it were near me.

  7. @Unknown: Why should that which is perfect (Holy Mother Church) adapt to that which is fallen and imperfect (the world)?

    Our Great Commission is to preach the Gospel to all Nations ... not to have all nations preach their Gospel to us. Their Gospel does not interest me. We already have perfect.

    By the Grace of God, they will convert to us. By the will of the infernal, we will convert to them. That is an unchanging fact of all time.