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Friday, April 3, 2020

Churches locked but bi$hop$ still want The Money. O.Ver.My.Cold.Dead.Body.

No Mass, no Sacraments, no Easter
bishops want the flow of

$$$$$ to continue unabated.
Opening lines to The Money Song from Cabaret

A Mark, a Yen, a Buck or a Pound 
Is all that makes the world go around,
That klinking, clanking sound,
Can make the world (of the bishops) go 'round. 
(notice the bishop's Emcee' gold teeth @ 0:25 in video below)

After decades of offering stones to the faithful, the bishops suddenly have links to orthodox websites and activities for the laity to engage in "to keep our Faith", "to be close to Jesus" while we're now jobless and imprisoned in our homes. To remind you of the stones we are given, here's a partial list posted in the comment section of one of last year's blog posts. Thank you to the unknown person who sent this.

Following is a small sample of things from "true representatives" of the Catholic Church.
1. Cardinals, bishops and priests sodomizing young men.
2. Nuns advocating homosexuality and abortion, even acting as "clinic escorts" at abortion clinics.
3. "Catholic" representative doing the same (and everybody receiving Holy Communion from the hands of sodomitical 
cardinals, bishops, and priests).
4. Jesuits criss-crossing the world, preaching the acceptance of homosexuality.
5. Thousands of priests and theologians openly preaching heresy. For decades.
6. Priests joining masonic lodges while remaining priests.
7. Priests leaving the priesthood to marry each other.
8. Bishops openly clamoring for the ordination of women to the priesthood. Ditto for priests, nuns, and lay organizations.
9. Theft from dioceses (millions of dollars) by clerics from one end of the U.S. to the other.
10. Liberation theology, so-called, being promulgated unimpeded for decades (and now being preached by Bergoglio).
11. Millions of Catholics leaving the Catholic Church in Latin America, Europe, and the U.S., as well as other places, due to false teaching.
12. Priests and nuns advocating for "transgenderism".
13. Priests joining Communist parties.
14. A pope who publicly praises abortionists (among a myriad of other outrageous things).
And on and on and on, ad nauseum.

Here are a few more - The bishops persecute good and holy priests, bishops allow parishes to participate in sodomite pride parades, bishops allow priests to teach that sodomy is not a sin, bishops silence their priests on the subject of abortion because they would no longer receive The Money from the government for their wicked programs, the bishops lie, the bishops steal, the bishops knowingly transfer sodomite priests from parish to parish and diocese to diocese. Of course there are a few good and holy bishops, but they themselves are persecuted by their fellow bishops, the majority of whom are ruled by the Lavender Mafia of sodomites in God's Holy Church. And the laity? Half the laity have no knowledge of what Our Lord taught. They support abortion. They support sodomy. Same-sex marriage. Transgenderism.  They support what their sodomite bishops and priests support. They support wickedness.

The river of gold paid out for 
sex abuse crimes of the clergy
So...? Coronavirus? Locked Churches? Masses all over the world suspended? Is this the beginning of the Chaistisement? And now the bishops close and lock up Catholic churches across the nation. In Florida, despite Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis saying otherwise, Archbishop Thomas Wenski declared that Florida's Catholic churches will remain closed until after Easter.

However, Archbishop Wenski and bishops across the nation want faithful Catholics to continue to send in The Money because they have to pay bills. Considering if they hadn't ordained wicked sodomites to the priesthood who then sodomized the young, whose parents then sued the church for BILLIONS, those same bishops would have The Money to pay their bills. 

Perverting the Word of the Lord is more important to them and now that the time of the chastisement for their sins has come, with locked doors and no people in the pews without The Money, the bishops are beginning to panic. They are letting go half their enormous staff because they can no longer afford to pay for extraneous jobs, they say that they still have to pay the electric bills of their enormous diocesan buildings and palaces... and some bishops might not be able to pay their rent boys any longer.

Archbishop Thomas Wenski, Archdiocese of Miami, FL
"The Archdiocesan Office of Development has created two websites in response to the suspension of Masses and closure of businesses caused by the coronavirus. On one website parishioners can continue to support their churches through online giving; on the other, Catholics can assist those suffering economic hardship. A letter from Archbishop Thomas Wenski explains the need for both and exhorts all the faithful who are able to do so to contribute as generously as possible."

Bishop Frank Dewane, Diocese of Venice, FL
" is also necessary to provide for the ministry of the Church, as well as continue to serve the poor and the vulnerable though Catholic Charities. The Catholic Faithful are humbly asked to continue their generous support for our Parishes, Schools, Catholic Charities and the Diocese."

Bishop Felipe Estevez, Diocese of St Augustine, FL
"Parishes everywhere have been impacted economically and are struggling. Catholics are asked to continue giving during these difficult times. Several churches have online giving options. Parishioners can also consider mailing their offerings to the parish office."

John Noonan, Diocese of Orlando, FL
"If you wish to make a donation to your parish online, please click here. You will find the opportunity to choose your parish and make your donation using a credit card. Of course, it is always your option to donate using the service of the United States Post Office. Place your check in an envelope and mail to your parish address."

Bishop Gregory Parkes, Diocese of St Petersburg, FL
"While we are all striving to follow social distancing directives and support the health of our communities we know many are looking for ways they can assist others. To make it easier for those able to contribute, we have compiled the following list which includes e-giving for individual parishes, coronavirus relief, item donation needs throughout our diocese and prayer volunteer sign-up."

Bishop William Wack, Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL 
"Please remember that all parishes need your continued support during this time. If you are financially able to give, please continue to tithe to your parishes."

Bishop Gerald Barbarito, Diocese of Palm Beach, FL
Other than a large yellow "GIVE TODAY" icon at the top right of the diocesan home page, I could find no overt announcement by Bishop Barbarito for imprisoned, jobless Catholics to continue giving The Money to closed and locked churches.

Your Excellencies, my own personal answer is not just "No", but "Hell no". I will not send you or my local parish The Money. The parish is locked up tight! Besides, my tiny widow's mite would not help much anyway.