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Thursday, April 16, 2020

From the Just Wonderin' File: Questions about Coronavirus!

Memo: No more infecting anyone! Pass it on.
My son and his family don't want to visit us these days because they worry about giving us the coronavirus. So even though they live only an hour away, we've only seen them once since Christmas and not at all since the pandemic of panic set in. 

We appreciate our son's concern for us. But it got me thinking this morning. When the country opens up and we can be out and about again, WILL THE CORONAVIRUS GET THE MEMO? 
"You are informed by Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, and WHO that the country is opening up. You are hereby notified that you are locked down and may not infect anyone! If you do, you will charged with a criminal misdemeanor and sentenced to up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine!"
Really? Have you stopped laughing?

So will our family and friends be able to return to normal relations and gatherings or will we all be told never to shake hands again or hold our little ones or stand closer than six feet to our kids.

Guess what, folks, swine flu, the last pandemic, is still with us, as are all kinds of other flu bugs that kill many people. The winter 2017-2018 flu killed 80,000 Americans. To date the coronavirus has killed fewer than 35,000. Some will say that's because of the draconian measures but Sweden, which did not shut down, has fewer restrictions, and urges citizens to take personal responsibility, has a death rate per million only slightly higher than the United States. Time will tell whether their strategy can continue, but so far the hyperbolic statements about their "soaring death rate" have not materialized.

Every death brings sorrow and suffering, and we would all like to see as few as possible, but do we know yet how much suffering will be brought on by the unintended consequences of a global shutdown? How many deaths will we see from drug overdoses, abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs, suicide, domestic violence, PTSD, eating disorders, stress-related illness, etc.? How many people will lose their homes, their cars, their businesses, their life savings? Some are predicting a depression that will rival the Great Depression. How many deaths will that cause?

Part of our human condition due to the sin of Adam and Eve is death. We can turn to science and beg the "experts" to save us, but people will still die and we will still mourn in this "valley of tears." 

Scientists can study disease and try to ameliorate outcomes, but as long as man is on this fallen planet, disease and death will be our lot including pandemics -- even those caused by human mistakes which is likely true of COVID 19. Scientists, in fact, probably gave us the pandemic. (See here and here.)

Remember H1N1? A retrospective, written in June 2019 only a few months before our latest crisis, reads:
Since it started circulating in the spring of 2009, H1N1 has infected about 100 million Americans, killing about 75,000 and sending 936,000 to the hospital, the CDC estimates. Another virus, H3N2, is responsible for more infections, but “in terms of the severity, H1 is kind of this quiet killer,” said Dr. Daniel Jernigan, head the CDC’s flu division. 
In the hands of Hollywood, pandemics tend to be of the one-size-fits-all variety. They unleash massive chaos and spread at lightning speed, as health officials in hooded biohazard suits rush to distribute vaccinations. And in real life, flu pandemics, which tend to strike only a few times each century, could be that terrifying. But, a decade onward, the experience of H1N1 is a reminder that it’s impossible to know from the get-go how a pandemic will play out....
Fortunately, though the [H1N1] infection could be severe, it was not devastating in most cases. A study published in 2013 suggested between 123,000 and 200,000 people globally may have died as a result of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. 
This was certainly not nothing. But it was also not what people had feared would be in store, and it was a substantially lower death toll than was seen in the 1957 and 1968 pandemics, which each killed about 1 million people at a time of lower global populations. In fact, the H1N1 death toll was lower than the global death toll for typical flu seasons, as estimated by the WHO.
One thing I found particularly interesting in this article was the follow-the-money angle. When WHO declared H1N1 a pandemic:
[It] automatically activated pre-negotiated pandemic vaccine contracts that a number of wealthy countries had with vaccine manufacturers.
So...cui bono? WHO IS BENEFITTING FROM THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC BOTH FINANCIALLY AND POLITICALLY?  Certainly those like Bill Gates who have a big investment in vaccines and work closely with WHO. And, of course, those politicians politicizing and weaponizing the disease and the panic associated with it to flex their power muscles. 

Mandating vaccines in order to go to school or get a driver's license or work in a particular field, etc. would be a big financial boon for Bill Gates and his vaccine producers. Keep in mind that he's seriously committed to population control as is WHO.  Remember the WHO vaccines for tetanus in Kenya were laced with HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). It should NOT have been in the vaccines! WAS THE REAL PURPOSE OF THE TAINTED TETANUS VACCINE TO STERILIZE THIRD WORLD WOMEN OF COLOR? You will find many elitist men of privilege hawking vaccines when what they really want is population control, especially limiting pregnancies from those untermenschen in the Third World.

One last question. When this is "over," after the elitists have milked it for everything possible including testing how Americans respond to draconian police state strategies, WILL THIS BE THE NEW NORMAL EVERY FLU SEASON? Many politicians happily threw the Constitution on the trash heap including the New Jersey governor who said he didn't consider the Bill of Rights in his shutdown because it's "above his pay grade." Now that's a head scratcher. Didn't he swear to uphold the Constitution when he took his oath of office? But it's "above his pay grade?" Has he ever read it? 

Well, folks, that's partly what this is all about: throwing out the Constitution. The elitists are in charge and we deplorables better get used to it and obey their orders. 

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." 

In Jesus we put our trust, and in our own prudential decisions about dealing with the risk factors of life. In my opinion, the best approach to dealing with all disease is beefing up your immune system and living a healthy lifestyle. But you know what? You are still going to die. So let's all put first things first. WHERE WILL YOU SPEND ETERNITY?

Consider the state of your soul and be prepared to die every day because we know not the day or the hour. And here's a prayer I've been saying frequently every day. "My Jesus I surrender myself to You. Take care of everything." I refuse to live in hand-wringing panic. 

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    The response to the coronavirus "pandemic" is like killing a fly with a shotgun.