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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Question for the Day: Is the Pope Catholic?

Will someone not rid me of
this troublesome archbishop?
Is the pope Catholic?

It used to be a joke. Someone would ask a rhetorical question, the answer an obvious and emphatic yes:
Question: Do bees buzz? (As a beekeeper I had to get that one in!) 
Answer: Is the pope Catholic?
Unfortunately, in the era of Pope Francis, the answer is no longer a rhetorical "obvious and emphatic yes."

Does the pope, in fact, exhibit a Catholic mind and heart? Or does he join the list of popes and anti-popes who scandalized the faithful and took wrecking balls to the Church?

I scratched my head when the pope said recently that the coronavirus was nature "having a fit" over mankind polluting the planet. Really?  Is coronavirus Gaia's revenge? Is that what Francis believes? Or should we reframe the question? Is it "Pachamama's revenge."

Wow, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters are the result of pollution? 

Sooo...what about all the natural disasters that occurred before the industrial revolution and when the earth was sparsely populated? Was Pompeii damaged by the earthquake in 62 A.D. and destroyed in 79 A.D. by the eruption of Mount Vesuvias because the people were throwing clay pots in the Sarno river?

And how about the Greek city state of Helike wiped off the map in 373 B.C. after an earthquake caused a tsunami which killed every inhabitant and sank a fleet of ships in the harbor? A thriving cultural center with its own coinage, Helike completely disappeared in the blink of an eye on that winter night. Not a single soul was saved or a body recovered. Goodness! How did those poor people incite the wrath of Mother Nature? Spitting in the harbor? Interestingly, the ancient pagans believed it was a chastisement of Poseidon. Even pagans had the sense to acknowledge the power of God; they just misidentified Him.

I could give many other examples of ancient natural disasters when there were few people on the earth and "pollution" was relegated to the trash pit where broken bits of pots and other utensils are still found by archaeologists. If you want to read about some ancient disasters (including the Antonine plague - 165-180 A.D. - that at one point killed 2000 people a day in the empire) visit here and here. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, droughts, plagues -- every natural disaster under the sun peppers the history of the planet from Adam and Eve. Ancient historians recorded them. Even Homer mentioned some. Mother Nature is no more "having a tantrum" today than in the past. On the other hand, as the Blessed Mother so often warned, God's patience with us may be wearing a bit thin. Who is really responding to our tantrums with a well-deserved punishment?

But really --- what kind of pope uses natural tragedies and plagues to advance his personal agenda (and the UN's) against "global warming?" More and more he resembles Saul Alinsky and Rahm Emmanuel who said never let a crisis go to waste. And, under his stewardship, the Church is shrinking at an alarming rate as the nones grow. 

Even more alarming than his Mother Earth nonsense, however, was his altering the Vatican yearbook to remove the title Vicar of Christ and give his own name top billing.

Pope Francis drops Vicar of Christ in Vatican yearbook.
A number of high-ranking prelates pointed out the change in alarm. Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, former prefect of the CDF (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) called downgrading the title "theological barbarism." Archbishop Carlo Vigano described the change as:
a sort of usurpation, whereby it is not the "Servus servorum Dei" [The Servant of the Servants of God] who reigns, but the person of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who has officially disavowed being the Vicar of Christ, the Successor of the Prince of the Apostles and the Supreme Pontiff, as if they were annoying trappings of the past: only mere "historical titles."
So back to the question: IS THE POPE CATHOLIC?

I won't try to answer, but I do hope you are praying and doing penance for Francis to stop the confusion and ambiguity in his ministry to the people of God.  There's never been a moment in my lifetime even in the confusion after Vatican II and the dissent to Humanae Vitae, that I have felt so bereft. God promised not to leave us orphaned, and so I cling to the lifeline of Church doctrine and tradition. But I know for sure, at this moment at least, that I'm unlikely to get a life preserver with Pope Francis pulling me in. Nope! He just keeps lobbing rocks at those treading water in the storms of life. It becomes ever more important for Catholics to study the faith, embrace the doctrine, and pray for deliverance. Because there sure doesn't seem to be much hope that rescue is coming from the "Vicar of Christ."

May God have mercy on all of us!

(If you're like me, you could use a laugh. If so, visit my Grandma blog and read the thought for the day.)


  1. Vatican authorities today excitedly stated that Our Pontiff has tested negative for Tradition and they cited The Pontifical Academy of Sciences which posited, We are quite certain he developed sufficient protestant antibodies to Tradition during his Jebbie education * and so was spared the scourge of Tradition which our Pontiff calls Pharisaical.

    L'osservatore Romano reported that upon hearing the news, The Pontiff released a vulture but the bird flew towards Domus Sanctae Marthae, landed, and it refuses to budge from its perch.

    The L'osservatore Romano later was forced to apologise for its unintentional insensitive Bird Flew (Flu) insult.

    We hope we have not offended our very close Commie friends in Communist China to whom we have given our complete confidence and our personal permission that they are the ones to decide who is and isn't a legitimate Bishop in China.

    * The Jebbie Generation of male persons, that included Francis, began every day by putting on their big boy P.A.N.T.S. (Progressive And New Theology Studies) and went stridently striding out into the Catholic world to change it and they became the boot that is sempiternally stomping on the face of Faith.

    Those Big Boy Pants inoculated them against what they consider to be the infection of Tradition.

  2. Love the Schultz quote. We all need more Peanuts in our life, right now. Good one!

    My thoughts on your interesting post:

    If I see a guy break into my corral and steal my horse, he is a horse thief and I am fully within my rights to so judge, apprehend and deliver him to the proper authorities for judgement under the law.

    I cannot hang him from the nearest tree, just because I personally witnessed the crime. Competent authorities must do that, render official verdict. Due punishment must come from them.

    If the authorities take my eyewitness accusation and the evidence of a missing horse and determine that evidence is insufficient to charge; or, they decide that even though theft of a horse is a crime punishable by jail according to Statute, modern merciful society does not judge theft as a crime and ancient Statues that do are no longer “operative” and so he is free to live with his new horse with legal blessing .... then .... That does not change the reality in my own inner understanding that the man (1) stole my horse, (2) a grave injustice did occur and (3) the man with my horse should have been punished as a low down, no good horse thief.

    I am not compelled *before God* to accept such an unjust verdict. I do not have authority *before God* and within the *legal framework* to exact personal justice. Neither do I need have the man who now owns my horse over for dinner, drinks and friendship and pretend what happened did not actually happen. Injustice occurred. There is nothing I can do about it, practically speaking. The man who has my horse will ever be *A Horse Thief*.

    Thus it is with Bergóglio. We all know what happened and continues to happen. A grave injustice occurred in the past and every day that injustice is inflicted on the Church because Authority refuses to act. Five Cardinals recognized the crime, said something about it, (Dubia), then failed to follow through. And there he sits, on his illegitimate Throne ruling as one would expect a “horse thief” to rule. Proper Authority accepts it - that is on them. I am not compelled to accept it - that is on me. I am not compelled to incorporate their lie into my belief. I act accordingly with this firm belief in accord with Truth in submission to Dogma and Sacred Tradition and objective reality.

  3. Don’t most people think of him as Pope Francis, isn’t this his name, do we call the Rock of the Church Simon?
    Why is he using the name Bergoglio in an official,Vatican document (and other official,documents)? The reason is clear, even he doesn’t recognize himself as the Pope, he in fact rejects it, but happy to parade about as an imitation Pope. This was his position from the start, rejecting much of the adornments and honors and titles. He did not change his passport address, nor name.
    Ann Barnhardt has documented this very well and her thesis is sound.
    The Pope is indeed Catholic, however he is in error and we pray and do penance for him to come forward and expose the truth. Matthew 17:20.

  4. Additionally, Christ would not deceive or trick us, we must trust the Holy Spirit’s ultimate protection of Christ’s established seat on earth. There is no doubt the Pope is Catholic, however there is much confusion by is and the leaders of who is Pope. There has been many antiPopes in our history, but the Holy Spirit corrected It, always...
    The Pope is and always will be Catholic, trust our Lord, but we must discern and recognize who leads and who deceives..
    Acts 20:
    [28] Take heed to yourselves, and to the whole flock, wherein the Holy Ghost hath placed you bishops, to rule the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood. [29] I know that, after my departure, ravening wolves will enter in among you, not sparing the flock. [30] And of your own selves shall arise men speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.

  5. If I may, I feel compelled to pass on this warning from Br. Bugnolo, FromRome blog. Don Alessandro Minutella, lifelong devotee to the Blessed Mother, has a warning to us, interiorly revealed to him from her.

    One Week, is all the time that is left. April 12, 2020. Easter. A decision must be made by then to remain or leave the false Church. Time is very, very short. And then, the Mark - which is now not just a theoretical thing. It will be spiritual first; physical second. The Mark is coming and we must decide - False Church or True Church; Vatican II ecumenical NWO Church or Traditional Latin Mass Church; Pope Benedict XVI or Pope Bergóglio.

    It must be specifically and fully decided by every one of us, low to high with full knowledge of every implication and willingness to persevere to the end.

  6. Well, Aqua, we've had lots of "prophets" predict things and often they're prophetic time comes and goes and falls flat. At least we don't have to wait long to see if this one is accurate. I've read some Br. Bugnolo's articles. Frankly, I'm a sceptic. But I appreciate your comment above about "horse thieves." There certainly are many false shepherds who are followers of the apostle Judas.

  7. Rather than the coronavirus being nature's way of having a hissy fit, it would be a more Catholic understanding to suspect that this is Divine vengeance upon the world for glorifying in two of the four sins that call out to God for vengeance, namely, willful murder (in abortion) and sodomy. If Francis thought like a Catholic, he might have noted this. And historically not every antipope has been a heretic. But this guy can claim both titles.

  8. Dear Aqua. The Catholic Church has always had wheat and chaff, good and bad, but there has never been any Saint, Ecumenical Council, or teaching from Tradition that one has to leave the church.

    "Leave the Church, come out of her" is what protestants have been telling Catholics to do eve r since th protestant revolution began.

    Fleeing the field of battle is what cowards do...

  9. I appreciate your warning about false Prophets. I am sensitive to that as well. Prudence in a time of lies, deceptions, fear and loss of faith - so important! This is a matter for the conscience in time of spiritual revolution - as in you can’t see it; no bullets, blood, combat, death. But to those with a conscience properly formed and in tune with their Guardian Angel they see that the invisible spiritual revolution is reaching its critical inflection point.

    That being said, not trying to convince, or win (goodness no!) but just to explain the point better so that it is understood, for what it is:

    What sets this warning apart, for me, is the context in which real people with real power are literally proposing a “Mark”, a microchip, implanted in every living human as a condition of market and social participation when the current “crisis” is “over”. Real people, part of a demonstrably international cartel of powerful One World Government advocates, of whom our “Pope” is a member.

    The events (going back fifty years) leading up to our current discussion of a real Mark of the “Beast” with real consequences for denial, are truly unprecedented on many levels in world history. And we are led by a “Pope” in our trials and tribulations and a Mass removed throughout the world elected under circumstances I need not repeat.

    I do think this is the big one. The spiritual alignment with secular globalist satanic forces is too obvious to ignore. That makes this particular warning true for me, truer than most others I’ve heard I find of interest but not compelling. I find this compelling. The Mark is actually here. They invented the thing and intend to use it.

    God Bless you! God bless the Catholic Church - true and faithful in every way to our Lord and His Blessed Mother!

  10. Have you ever considered that he is not a pope?

  11. ABS: I assure you, my family and I are very much in the one, Holy, Roman Catholic Church in submission to the true Pope - Vicar of Christ, all Creeds, Dogma and the Magisterial authority of the RC Church.

    My choice is made in this current conflict. I stand against her enemies - inside and out. I stand with Christ, and the long line of Apostles who passed on the Faith intact and whole which cannot and will not ever change until the end of time.

  12. Traditionally, the Church has attributed natural disasters as a punishment for vice and sin. The choir of angels called, the Virtues, has been prayed to for centuries for protection against natural disasters. It is believed that they impliment God's justice and wrath when He tires too much of men's sins and crimes against Him.

    As for Bergoglio... He has none signs of the marks/signs of being Catholic: One, Holy, Catholic (or universal) and Apostolic.

    He has made statements saying one does not need to believe in the One true God, partake in the one true Baptism, or be a part of the One True Faith.

    He supports many un-holy things.

    He is Catholic in the traditional sense because he supports Mass and the Sacraments being different throughout the world instead of unified through the traditions and language of the Church. (Before Vatican II, a person could travel anywhere in the world and recognize the exact same Mass and Sacraments and feel at home.)

    He is not Apostolic, in so far as he does not pass on the traditions, beliefs and Sacraments as they were passed down from apostolic times. Instead he creates his own ideas instead of supporting and defending what the Church has always held to be true.

    As to whether he somehow fills the papacy in some way, only a future pope can determine and pronouce for sure. Until that time, we ourselves must keep the Faith and do the best to pass it on to our posterity.

    Viva Cristo Rey!