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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Out of Shadows: Child Trafficking, Satanism, Mind Control -- It's Real, Folks!

"Satan prowls the world like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour." Pray the St. Michael prayer before you watch this. 

But if you're a parent or grandparent and you have children or grandchildren you love, it's important to understand what's going on. Many predators are after our kids. They use social media, entertainment, etc. to groom our children. We need to recognize them and FIGHT! Your most important weapon is prayer. The second is vigilance. Control what you bring into your home. Does that video game have elements that groom your children? Does that show make violence immoral behavior normal? Will that book help or hinder your child's development? Be smart. Let's love our kids enough to protect them.


  1. Better hurry and watch this one before our nanny-state overlords at YouTube "disappear" this video too. You know, for our own good!


  2. Sorry Mary Anne, didn't like this video. Admit that I turned it off at about 25 minutes. Possible dangerous occasion of sin to some viewers. Pax vobis.

  3. Watch this. But pray hard, before you do. There is evil in it. Still worth watching because the evil is real, and the point is that it is not esoteric evil but evil with a personal active purpose and plan for every one of us living. They aim to control and convert. Know your enemy.

    Still ... this video contains evil, oppressive evil. Guard your eyes. Guard your ears. There were times in this I turned the sound off, other times I averted my eyes (or both), because I did not wish to grant entrance to these satanics into my consciousness, my soul. I have never witnessed pure evil, until this.

    It’s good to know the enemy we face. We can take appropriate action, once the lights are turned on and we see ... see that the field of flowers, butterflies and lollipops we thought we lived in - is actually a field of lethal spiritual combat populated by satanic deviants who have plans for our souls.

  4. I understand your concern, umblepie. The information is horrible and what is happening is diabolical! The same types of politicians and celebrities who always talk about saving the children are the very ones who enable the exploitation and even murder of children. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.....

  5. What troubled me most about this was that possibly 99% of what viewers are being warned about is true, what is not true and diabolical is the assertion that when the conflict between the good forces and evil forces take place 'Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ' is not mentioned. One of the stunt men refer to the utopia that is coming but it is a Christless utopia. This is strikingly similar to QAnon which postulates a 'man' leading the good over the evil to a utopia. I suspect this is a QAnon production. Be careful, there is good content here that we should be aware of, but the enemy can and does use truth to trap us. With that said I will acknowledge that I can be wrong in my critique. God Bless and protect us all.

  6. I appreciate that insightful observation, Michael. I'm going to watch it again, particularly the part about the therapist who first raised his awareness. Perhaps they were trying to examine the case from a non-religious viewpoint. I sometimes do that when I talk about abortion with someone I know is antagonistic to religion. I'll focus on human rights and the value of the individual and only bring in God later in the argument. Grace builds on nature.