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Monday, April 27, 2020

The COVID 19 Strategy Makes No Scientific Sense! Time to Take on the Tyrants!

UPDATE: APRIL 28TH 11:00 P.M -- Laura Ingraham just announced that the video by the two doctors has been removed from You Tube because anything that questions the World Health Organization narrative "violates their terms of service." The videos below were taken down, but fortunately they are still available on the TV station's website for now. Pray that these don't disappear as well and watch now before they do. Giant corporations like Google, Facebook, and YouTube control the narrative. For a partial transcript go here

On the way home from Mass at the fairgrounds yesterday with my husband and a fellow parishioner, we were talking about the necessity for someone to stand up to our tyrannical governor. "What would happen," I asked, "if a local mayor or town council or county board of supervisors met with health officials and the local police department and opened up our local businesses with safety guideline recommendations in place?" Just tell the governor to go fly a kite at his beach house in North Carolina.

Lo and behold, when I was checking my email I found one on Bishop Gracida's blog praising a mayor for doing exactly that!


Grants Mayor Martin “Modey” Hicks said he’s giving businesses permission to reopen on Monday and is ordering the police force in the city of about 9,000 people to prevent any State Police officers from issuing lockdown violation citations. 
“The governor is killing us. She’s totally killing us,” Hicks said. “So we have no choice. So right now, we are reopening. Let State Police come down here.” (See the full article at the Washington Times.)
When I listen to the nonsense about not opening the country up for the next eighteen months or until we get a vaccine, I just shake my head. These people are insane. 

We have two grandchildren who missed their high school graduations. The talk is that they may be going to college on-line in September. Frankly, I think in view of the disaster on college campuses, that may not be a bad thing. 

But really?

Watch the video press conference below and listen to these two Bakersfield, CA doctors to get a real handle on the data about COVID 19. They examine the science and tell us this about the virus. It's "widespread -- small amount of deaths." Not only that, the "shelter in place" and "distancing" strategies threaten the immune system. These two doctors are on the front line fighting the virus and are the major testers in their county. 

"Isolating the healthy doesn't make any sense." You build a healthy immune system by exposure to bacteria and virus. 

These doctors predict more disease when the lockdown is lifted because of compromising the immune systems in the healthy. Not only that,  the secondary effects of the lockdown are more serious than the virus. Quarantining the sick makes sense, they say. Quarantining the healthy makes no sense at all and actually will end up making the healthy less able to fight off diseases! 

[N.B. Despite YouTube's censorship, the videos are still available at the TV station that did the original story. They've had millions of hits. I'm leaving the evidence of YouTube's irresponsibility on the post. The fact that the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the ACEM came out against these two doctors reminds me of the psychiatric group that removed homosexuality from their list of dysfunctions for political reasons. It had NOTHING to do with science. We've seen the politicization of science and medicine before. Scientists disagree! That's how knowledge grows. Don't let them fool you. This was political censorship. And more and more doctors are pointing it out. They will be attacked. The powers that be will try to silence them. Be a critical thinker. The ad hominem attacks against these doctors are growing. They tell us the doctors just care about their bottom line. Really? How about Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci with their connections to big pharma? Be critical thinkers, folks. We're being had!]

And please, if you can't bother to watch the press conference, don't comment! And please don't start that song and dance saying people who disagree with your fear mongering don't care about people dying. Not only is that ridiculous, it's stupid and ignorant.