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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

"Mayday, Mayday" -- Rallies around the Country on Friday, May 1st Saying OPEN THE STATES! Respond with Prayer!

Friday is May Day. And groups are holding rallies in most states calling for an end to the lockdowns. Isn't it interesting that the international distress signal is "mayday." We certainly are in distress in the United States and if the lockdown isn't lifted soon we may all learn what it was like for our parents and grandparents to go through the Great Depression.

All this "bailout" money? Where do you think it comes from? The government doesn't produce anything. The only money in the treasury is taken from the populace. How many millions are out of work? And some "experts" are saying we may need to be in lockdown for up to two years.

That is just plain insane!

Virginia is the birthplace of freedom. Here's the message from one of our own Virginia patriots about the protest in Richmond at noon on Friday.

I don't plan to go; it's just too far. But I may go pray the rosary at the courthouse with a sign saying, END THE LOCKDOWN.

To see what's going on around the country see the interactive map here.

Another even more important event on May 1st is the joint consecration to Mary by the bishops of Canada and the United States. There is a petition on line thanking the bishops for initiating this important spiritual event. I hope you'll sign it.

God has allowed this pandemic. We need to acknowledge that and seek His help. Repent and pray. Certainly a world that has killed millions of children and exploits millions of others by sex trafficking and abuse deserves punishment big time. We need to fall to our knees in sorrow and repentance.

Sign the petition and pray the rosary on Friday in honor of Mary, Queen of the Universe. And another good thing to do would be to formally join in by consecrating your home and your family to Mary.

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