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Friday, April 24, 2020

Guest Post: The Mask - A Security Blanket for Adults imposed by "Omnipotent Moral Busybodies"

Ready for the Post Office?
by Lise Baur

Today I was thrown out of a post office because I did not have a mask. No, the post office was not in the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, aka East Germany, it was in Silver Spring Maryland. I stopped in to get a free small flat rate box and the check on the amount of postage required. If it were possible, I would have mailed my item but, since I was being hollered at and told to leave, I left.

I do not want to wear a mask. At first blush, one may think me to be simply a contrarian. But, in reality, that is not the case. I am a reasonable and educated person who cares deeply for people. When I am treated as such, I am very agreeable to following rules and even guidelines. For example, my little girlfriend group in high school decided that when we all got our driver’s licenses, we would automatically buckle up even though it was not the law. We saw the common sense safety, from a physics point of view, and we never wanted to have to remind each other to wear them. It was a pact. And it worked out great. No one had to be “the heavy” to enforce our pact. And I would continue to wear seat belts with or without the law to this day.

This mask edict is different. It amounts to wearing a mask, “Because I said so! And because I am in charge, I know better than you so shut up serf and do what you are told!” 

I am tired of being told I am anti-life because I do not want to wear a mask. Or worse yet, that I am some sort of sociopathic killer because I do not need a security blanket, aka the mask. I do not wear a mask because I am not contagious. I know I am not contagious because I have been stuck in the house for 6 weeks! If I thought I were contagious, I would stay home because I wouldn’t want to get anyone else sick. I do this during cold & flu season so why would I not do it now? I think most people are like me.

Last night, I watched the Laura Ingraham Show on FOX as she inquired from Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford University if wearing a mask was scientifically shown to reduce infection. His answer was a little wishy-washy about infection But he was definite in explaining that if the mask gives people confidence to go out and feel safe then they should wear it. Sounds like there could be more than an actual health and safety reason to wear a mask.

My sons will tell you that I always say, “I have a brain, and I am willing to use it.” Way back in early March, we heard our (trustworthy?) Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams tell us that wearing a mask does not protect from getting the virus. "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when, first, we practice to deceive." He backtracked that one and had to come clean and admit it was false. They did not want to create a run on masks making them unavailable for healthcare workers. 

Anyone with half a mind, scratched their heads at his first statement and thought, “Well, if they don't work, why do doctors/nurses wear them?” Okay, so which is it, Dr. Adams? Right there and then Dr. Adams should have been relieved of his duties. Did he lie to us? Or is he just that incompetent? Either way, he should be fired. The truth always finds the light of day and incompetence should not be rewarded with prestige. The American citizens need to have confidence in our medical leaders, especially during a health emergency. And as far as I am concerned, I do not trust one word coming from him. He ruined it for himself. If he were told to lie, then he should have had the integrity to withstand the pressure and refuse!

So in Maryland, our beloved Fuhrer, Herr Hogan, has commanded all to wear masks in a variety of public establishments. Why? He never really explained that part. Only that we need to wear masks (period). Just to be sure he sufficiently intimidated all of us into submission, he attached a $5,000 fine for non-compliance. And for good measure, he also instituted a $5,000 fine for a business non-compliance with the edict. How thoughtful! I cannot really blame the guy, after all he shuttered all the businesses, and now is losing tons of revenue in lost sales tax, etc so he has to make it up somehow. Cynical yes, but it is probably the case.

Getting back to my venture into the post office, I concluded that since Governor Hogan is the governor of the State of Maryland and that the USPS is a federal enterprise, it would not be under the fiat. So as I blew past the small homemade sign on the door, I was relatively confident that no one would bother me. Boy, did I read that one wrong. The angry workers behind the counters started shouting at me immediately to put on a mask. I told them that there was no federal law that required me to wear a mask. They yelled even louder. People were staring at me. I asked them how much did it cost to mail this box I held in my hand. They just repeated the mask command. They then told me to leave. I reminded them again that there was no rule about federal buildings. The one woman said that I could go out to the lobby and find the information I wanted. So I stepped out into the lobby where she came out and asked, “So you are not going to leave?” I asked again, ”How much does it cost to mail this box?” She sneered, “Look online!” She confirmed again if I was not going to leave and turned with a start. It seemed to me as if she were going to call the police, so I left with my box. As I left, I eyeballed the sign, I did not see any reference to a federal regulation or statute.

After I thought about the incident for a while, I did a little research online. Is there a rule? Through many searches, I could not find any such rule. I found OSHA guidelines for employers which clearly stated that these were unenforceable guidelines. I could not find anything about USPS customers being required to wear masks. So I called the USPS customer care hotline and spoke with a USPS law enforcement officer. Officer Duran informed me there was no such regulation requiring me to wear a face mask in the post office. He flat out said the ladies were wrong and I should file a complaint. He could not help me since it was not a crime per se, just very bad customer service. He gave me a number which turned out to be a wrong office. 

After Stephanie listened to my complaint, she gave me the correct number. Which was also incorrect which was the Inspector General’s office. But the person who answered agreed that this was wrong and that she hated the whole state mandate to wear a mask. I commented to her that I was pretty sure there would be some type of regulation from ages past prohibiting the wearing of a mask in the post office. I mean how would they be able to recognize a criminal from the Wanted posters that were displayed at one time? She laughed at my assertion and thought it was probably correct. She suggested I file my complaint online. And I did.

So this mask wearing business is really about control. Will the serfs fall in line and obey? If one obeys, then one can shop and move about freely as if a free citizen. If not wearing a mask, then one is put on house arrest regardless of health status. So for now I am relegated to the park and my home. 

Mandating masks is not how a free country operates. In a free country, the officials would lay out the reasoning behind wearing the mask and then encourage us to wear them. And most people would wear them voluntarily because it would make sense. But then there would be no fines to collect, no serfs to harass.

Still think it is about safety? Read CS Lewis’ thoughts about tyranny:
Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be "cured" against one's will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.
So which one are you? An infant or an imbecile? I hope like me you answered, “NEITHER!” Now listen to a hot mic moment from the White House press briefing room.

Not at all about safety…. It is about behavior as Dr. Birx has reminded us ad nauseam since the beginning of her reign as Queen of the United States of Wuhan Flu.


  1. Wearing a mask fans the flames of panic. You could not buy better advertising for the police state. You've got billboard you've got nanny drones. But when you've got fellow citizens gagging selves with masks, you've got the ultimate in peer pressure.

  2. I have neighbors, TV adorers, who are truly afraid. They scare me as much as the rules of the fuhrers. Not afraid of covid at all, probably because I faced death years ago when I had cancer and now it's not a big deal to me. I look at the frightened mask fanatics and think: they don't believe that God decides when their time is up.

    I think the mask question might be about a difference in viruses versus bacteria.

  3. The best slave in a totalitarian state is the one who doesn’t need shackles.

    The best slave does what he is told willingly. I see the mask as a visible sign of the invisible reality - cooperation with the totalitarian will.

    Much better, the mothers in Meridian ID, who went to the park for their children to play with the clear intent to remove tape and confront whoever told them to stop.

    I love people like that. It is an illegal, unconstitutional, illegitimate order and we are not only within our rights, we are duty bound to break such “law”.

  4. So they want you to wear a mask? Play their game and do just that! Wear one of those knitted head masks where all that shows is your has to be black like the ISIS thugs wear. But put on dark glasses.

    Then go into the Post Office all dressed in black from head to foot with dark glasses to mail your package. But don't pay with cash or a credit card. Write a check. They will have to ask for ID. Show them your normal ID. They will not be able to verify that you - standing there all dressed in black with dark glasses - are truly the person pictured on your ID. They will have to ask you to remove your mask so they can verify it.

    Then REFUSE to remove your mask. Say that you will be infected, because after all, that's why we have to wear masks in the first what? Are they trying to kill you or something.

    Of course they won't mail the parcel, so you can tell them that you will report them for demanding that you remove your mask and not mailing your package.

    Play their game. It will drive them nuts.

  5. Not posting your comment, Acolyte. You did to Lise what you accused her of doing to Dr. Birx. Also, thank Susan for yesterday's post. I agree, it's lovely. May we all run to Mary during this challenging time. Some of us will run maskless, disregard the six feet distancing rule, fall at her feet, and bury our faces in the folds of her mantle.

    Our Lady, Health of the Sick, pray for us.

  6. You might want to watch this video when you are not out shopping for food or in the Post Office. The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 was the closest thing in time to what we are experiencing now. The field of medicine has advanced , but in spite of fancy tests and equipment the "invisible enemy" made it's way into all continents except Antartica, and has killed many and permanently injured others. We still have no specific drug or vaccine for COVID-19 although some existing drugs have worked to varying degrees, sometimes in combination.
    Masks can prevent some of the exhaled virus from spreading into the air or being taken in by the eyes, mouth or nose of others.Some people who are without symptoms can spread the disease.
    Tests for COVID-19 (have varying degrees of accuracy.Various masks have been tested for ability to contain.... or keep out viral coughs , sneezes and particles from talking and breathing.The most effective masks have been discouraged for use by general public because they are in short supply for medical care workers. Other non-medical masks provide less protection but are better than nothing to slow the spread or to prevent getting infected. The most effective are made of vacuum cleaner bags (tutorial by physician and his wife is on Youtube). These are not so breathable. More breathable but slightly less effective is 2 layers of restaurant grade,herringbone weave tea-towel fashioned into a surgical mask which covers mouth and nose and chin with flush fit next to skin on the edges. Goggles are recommended to protect the eyes since mucous membrane by which to virus gets into the body is also located here.
    1918 Spanish Flu Documentary:
    Note the last 1/4 of the video in particular re masks and containment...also note some pets were believed to have contracted the some animals are testing positive, particularly a tiger in the Bronx, NY Zoo.

  7. So none of my comments are printed with the exception of my compliment? That seems very unfair to me. So she gets to rail on people but with no accountability? So when then do I get my guest post? ( I am sure never)
    But God knows my heart and that will have to be good enough.

  8. I have read all the comments for this guest post and the pattern I see is anyone who supports the post is printed no matter what is said. Those offering reflection of a different kind are not. She not only railed against Dr.Birx but postal employees, postal customers, etc. Anyone who did not support her position was a target. I tried to hold her accountable for her words and I am told were the same? I will let God take that one.

    If this is a blog which simply strokes the ego's of others, no matter what is said, then maybe that disclaimer should be included in your page banner.

    May Our Lady Queen of heaven continue to lead people to her son Jesus.

  9. Here is a personal account of living with "the invisible enemy" by a young Catholic mother who is married to a NYC police officer and lives on Staten Island, NYC:

  10. Acolyte, you must not read the blog much if you think I only post comments that agree with me. I would have posted your original comment if you hadn't started out the way you did. Shall I recommend you get psychiatric treatment when I disagree with you? As for whether I'd ever publish a guest post, you've never sent me one, so we don't know do we?

  11. For the record I never suggested psychiatric treatment. Never used that word. Having had Psychology as a minor in College that would not ever happen.

    I suggested counseling (and that could be anybody from a priest, doctor, or other counseling professional). I also clearly added in my following comments that ALL of us are struggling with our fears and frustrations around these major changes in our lives.

    Printing my original comments would have eliminated any misquote.

    Thank you however for printing my two additional comments.

  12. @ Acolyte, Let me assure you, this blog publishes opinions that disagree with the host. I have posted plenty on topics that matter; extended allowance to express myself.

    I really believe that the host here (it is her blog, after all), as she says, allows any opinions as long as they’re respectful and civil.

    She has said she appreciates opposing views. Because that is what a Catholics are supposed to do - listen to others and engage on behalf of The Word, Jesus Christ our Lord, His Gospel, His Church.

    Anyone who fears doing that is weak in the Faith. But anyone who allows anger or vitriol to infect a conversation is detrimental to the goal of civil discourse and honest inquiry. I feel there is a fair and proper balance here.

    I tend to favor more allowance rather than less. But, I’m not the one who created and sustains an interesting daily Blog, either.


  13. Fauci and the 3.7 Billion redirected during the Obama Administration to the virology lab in Wuhan.

    "Fauci always has an explanation for everything. He refuses to allow drugs that have been around for decades to be used for treating this virus. Gates applied for the corona vaccing patent in I believe 2015 and received it in 2018. Gates is a big fund giver to the WHO. There are a lot of skunks running around right now."

  14. Osusanna
    I have had to remind several believers that not one person is dying today without God's permission. If we truly believe He is the author of life than how can it be any other way? God is in charge... not he virus.

  15. Aqua

    After I submitted the blog... I was called by the USPS with an apology. The assistant postmaster said that the order to wear masks was for the postal workers not the customers. We all need to stand up for our rights otherwise they slip away and we leave a less free society for our posterity. I challenge these draconian measures in honor of my father who fought in the south pacific during WWII.

  16. JMJT
    Yes, that is an emotional account but really has no basis in objective truth. Babies and young persons are least likely to suffer the worst of this virus. Unless of course they have underlying health conditions which would then be prudent decision. But that was not disclosed in the article. If I were in my 20's or younger, I would be actively trying to get the disease so as to help the effort with community immunity. When I was young girl and contracted chicken pox (a virus that is mild for the young but can be very severe for the elderly) my mother and father made sure my younger sister caught it from me. Therefore, we were all immune and our family did not have to worry about further infection. Generally, once one comes in contact with a virus and develops immunity, that person can no longer pass on the virus to others. Our only best hope at this point is for all the young healthy people is to develop immunity so as to be a dead end for the virus. Alas, it seems as this common sensical approach as been thrown by the wayside as a consequence of fear mongering from the media. Emotional response is all that matters nowadays. And we all know that emotional responsible can never steer us wrong! (sarcasm)

  17. Susan Matthiesen
    You must have read "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky... .. page 152 "they can be constantly pushed to live up to their own morality and regulations." In other words, force them to live by their own rules. I used this tactic when sidewalk counseling in front of Planned Parenthood.. The Washington Area Clinic Task Force (aka abortion escorts) had a code they (supposedly) followed. I printed out their rules and would remind them of them when I would see an infraction.... Here's the link to their code:

  18. For the record, I have no ill will towards who CHOOSE to wear masks... that is their right. I only have a problem with an order (attached to a huge fine $5,000) for everyone to wear them. I do not believe in treating healthy persons like criminals or lepers. At many times in my life, I have had the wonderful experience of helping AIDS patients most of whom were gay men, I treated them as creatures of God with all the dignity and respect due to them as such. Whatever happen to innocent (or healthy) until proven guilty (or sick) in our beloved country? We truly have become a nation of whimsy self absorbed beings... so sad.... and unnecessary. Evil will surely win with this mentality.

  19. FYI.....oddly what Barnhardt is saying about inflated death numbers attributed to covid is being explained by this Physician also. The Codes are being given to the hospital doctors by the W.H.O.The big game is mandatory vaccines.

  20. Lise Baur - Don’t know you or the particulars ... but from what you’ve sId here, I have huge respect.

    Standing up for what’s right, (that wasn’t easy I can tell), has helped put an end to this insanity in your corner of the world. Awesome, that the Postmaster responded like that.

    Know your rights and duties. And stick with it, no matter the cost. Great lesson for me.

  21. Just FYI Maryanne. You do NOT have to post it since the one link is repetitive.
    Both saying the numbers of deceased due to covid were inflated

    We saw the same cooked books in the hospitals when AIDS first showed up. Only opposite. Patients with AIDS who died of an opportunistic infection were listed as death due to say pneumonia or kidney failure and they left out "secondary to AIDS" so they were not listed as an AIDS death.
    They wanted to play down HIV deaths .

    This virus intentionally attacks people with a weak immune system....why?
    Are they culling the "useless eaters" with the added benefit of destroying the US economy under Trump and panicking everyone into some "required" Gates funded vaccines?
    When you look at the coincidences and the timing of this disease
    you have to ask some questions.NO horseshoe bats are sold at the Wuhan wet market like Fauci keeps insisting it is a virus that "jumped species".


  22. I can't be the only one who is having a hard time breathing with my mask on. This is probably keeping people inside who really need a few hours of sunlight and need to get their groceries.

  23. Unless a mask has a built-in exhalation valve, people will find it difficult to breathe. Due to a severe mold allergy, I've worn various types of masks including polyester, cotton, silk, and the high-end 3M half-face respirator with pink P100 particulate filters. The only thing that kept out mold while permitting breathing was the respirator. I wore it when going out for several months 3 years ago. P100 particulate filters are rated to keep out 99.5% of mold, lead, and asbestos particles, which is why they are recommended when remediating contaminated buildings. However, even the excellent P100 filter can't keep out a virus particle. The respirator was very helpful in filtering bad air when I had to briefly enter a building for shopping. Now I've not needed a respirator or mask for nearly 3 years.

    So I am not against people wearing masks when they are medically necessary. However, what we see now are wicked leaders issuing ridiculous orders and brainwashing people on a scale never seen before. I researched particle sizes and masks. Neither N95 masks nor the better P100 filters are rated to stop particles the size of a virus. And cloth masks can't keep out anything except maybe dust and pollen. So the advice to wear a mask in public is nothing but a brazen attempt to control us. I'm not wearing a mask in this situation. I am certain we are being lied to. I'm not drinking the Kool-aid. God controls when our time is up, so we don't need to live in fear.

  24. I appreciate your comment, Unknown, because it reminded me of all the lies about condoms protecting people from the AIDS virus when the openings in the condoms were bigger than the virus. At a meeting of health care providers the question was asked how many there recommended condoms. Most raised their hands. When asked how many would knowingly have sex with a person they knew to have AIDS using a condom, no one raised his hand. Interesting eh? Yes we are being lied to.

  25. Mary Ann - I forgot to post under my real name, Sandra Elam

  26. Thanks Sandra, I'm always so appreciative of those who use their real names to comment.

  27. My understanding of the purpose of wearing a mask is to reduce, not eliminate the viral spread. If you are infected and do not have symptoms you could be contaminating others, and if you are uncontaminated your wearing a mask could reduce the amount of viruses that reach your mucous membrane tissue where the virus enter the body. Goggles are also recommended to protect the eyes, where mucous membrane is also found.
    The virus does not fly, it has to be propelled as by talking, breathing, singing, coughing, sneezing, etc. or picked up on the hands and carried to the mouth, nose, or eyes. It is also able to float in the air before landing on surfaces. Doctors are saying that the "viral load" ( how much of the virus is taken in) is significant, and can , among other things determine the severity of each disease case. Wearing a mask can help to decrease the viral load, along with social distancing and hand washing, or staying home. This is a simple video about types of masks:
    If clicking the link does not work, copy and paste it in your browser.