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Friday, April 10, 2020

Make this "Good Friday" Truly Good: OPEN OUR CHURCHES!

We need priests like Fr. Vincent Capodanno. Would he run from the virus like our bishops are doing? Or would he look for ways to serve on the battlefield of the pandemic? 

Editor's comment: We desperately need the Mass! Please, Bishop Burbidge, ask every deanery in the diocese to initiate drive-in Masses at one of the fairgrounds. TV Masses are not the same! 

Develop strategies to offer Communion with priests masked and with Communion stations widely separated. Invite occupants of cars individually for Communion preventing any contact between family groups. Have priests purify their fingers between each group of Communicants. If the SSPX priests can do it, so can your priests. At the very least offer drive-in Masses with a priest-led spiritual Communion. What risk is there in that?

And to our priests:

PLEASE, dear Fathers, beg the bishop for permission to offer Masses in this way. DO NOT CONTINUE TO QUIETLY ACQUIESCE TO THE STARVATION OF THE FLOCK! Act like the military chaplains described in the article below. Are the coronavirus "bullets" more devastating that the bullets that flew around our soldiers in World War I or II or the mustard gas that devastated so many in World War I? And yet, the chaplains were there on the field with the sheep. Don't abandon us now! Please give us back the Mass!

THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW: Open Our Churches Now!

by Robert Schroder

For God's sake, Your Excellencies, open our churches and let our priests bring the Lumen Christi to dispel the tenebrae of fear and debilitating panic. Do not let the anti-God, anti-family and anti-life secular state lock us out of the very places where hope springs eternal and where men are emboldened by God Himself to resist oppression. For God's sake and the future of our country, open the churches now!" - Michael J. Matt [Read more here.]